Oracle unveils trio of new banking solutions to drive digitisation

By Ben Mouncer
Oracle has rolled out three new digital solutions to streamline operations for clients inthe corporate banking sector. The firm's Financial Services di...

Oracle has rolled out three new digital solutions to streamline operations for clients in the corporate banking sector.

The firm's Financial Services division has launched Credit Facilities Process Management, Corporate Lending Process Management and Trade Finance Process Management to assist banks looking to digitise their processes.

Other benefits include enhanced customer relationships, improved staff productivity and a reduction in costs. According to Oracle, the solutions 'will combat labour-intensive processes and digitise them'.

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"Oracle has long been committed to providing the banking sector with innovative financial solutions," said Chet Kamat, Senior Vice President, Banking for Oracle Financial Services.

"Harnessing the power of digitisation for corporate banking operations is a step towards enabling banks to deliver exceptional value to their corporate customers. We have equipped them with purposeful insight for better decision-making, enabled standardisation of processes to enhance distinct operational capabilities, and empowered them with real-time collaboration and intelligent automation to achieve higher levels of efficiency."

The corporate banking engagement solutions offer greater productivity for banks with other key features including configurable workflow automation, intuitive UI and multi-device support.


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