Thriver’s hybrid working cultural engagement platform

By William Smith
Thriver is a Toronto, Canada-based company offering a technology platform for food and culture initiatives...

Thriver is a Toronto, Canada-based company offering a technology platform for food and culture initiatives.

The company, which was until now known as Platterz, offers capabilities including group ordering of meals, virtual wellness experiences and prepaid cards for remote employees.

With COVID-19 unceremoniously booting office workers back to their homes, keeping employees engaged has only increased in importance.

Since its foundation in 2015, the company has raised $53mn across three funding rounds. Its latest Series B, announced earlier this week, saw the company raise $33mn from lead investor Viola Growth, alongside Vertex Ventures Israel, Union Tech Ventures, Journey Ventures, FJ Labs, Altair Capital and Aleph.

In a press release, Eran Henig, co-founder and CEO of Thriver, said: “Authentic company culture that satisfies everyone’s needs and drives employee engagement has been impossible to maintain at scale, until now. We are on a mission to help create thriving workplaces through culture-building initiatives that are driven by the needs and values of individual employees. Our proprietary technology platform eliminates barriers and expands options to deliver customized, wide-ranging, and highly flexible food and culture programs that are as unique as each workplace, and which foster the togetherness that organizations - especially those with largely distributed workforces - need to thrive.”

The company said it would use the funds to expand into new markets, extend its platform and grow its team.

“Since its inception, Thriver has focused on providing software products that strengthen corporate culture. It started with a B2B marketplace of meal plans, and it now has an opportunity to fulfill its expanded vision, beyond food, by providing personalized culture programs and wellness experiences that will help companies maintain their unique culture, even while working from home,” said Natalie Refuah, Partner at Viola Growth. “Thriver is enabling companies to adapt to this new reality during and post COVID-19, where employers are looking for new ways to nurture and improve employee well-being, by building innovative, resilient frameworks for the future of work.”

(Image: Thrive)


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