Tricentis bolsters software testing platform with Neotys buy

By William Smith
Tricentis has just announced its acquisition of performance testing firm Neotys, which offers capabilities for testing the response and scalability of a...

The increasingly rapid pace of software development, spurred by new and agile ways of working, requires new approaches to the often arduous business of software testing.

It’s a vital step for the release of any software, as we’ve recently seen from the backlash that can result when software is deemed to not have been sufficiently tested.

Tricentis and Neotys

Tricentis, one of the global leaders in the software testing industry, has just announced its acquisition of performance testing firm Neotys, which offers capabilities for testing the response and scalability of apps for mobile, web and packaged applications.

“We are looking forward to joining Tricentis, the industry leader in continuous testing,” said Thibaud Bussière, president and co-founder at Neotys. “Today’s Agile and DevOps teams are looking for ways to be more strategic and eliminate manual tasks and implement automated solutions to work more efficiently and effectively. As part of Tricentis, we’ll be able to eliminate laborious testing tasks to allow teams to focus on high-value analysis and performance engineering.”

Tricentis framed the purchase as giving it an end-to-end solution for test automation, whether applications are cloud-native, mobile or enterprise packaged, integrating Neoty’s flagship NeoLoad product into its portfolio.

“We are excited to welcome the Neotys team to Tricentis as we join forces to accelerate enterprises’ digital transformation with automated software testing,” said Sandeep Johri, Chief Executive Officer at Tricentis. “The combination of Tricentis and Neotys will further enable organizations to ensure consistent quality across all software releases by taking a standardized approach to delivering continuous performance, reliability, and scalability from development to production.”

Is automation the future of software testing?

With customers including the biggest companies in verticals such as insurance, financial services and banks, Tricents’ innovations in the space have included the use of artificial intelligence and cloud deployment to achieve much faster release cycles, as well as low and no-code solutions that gives access to testers without programming skills - for instance by creating an automated sequence from a video of a user interacting with an application.


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