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Dr Ayotunde Coker

Chief Executive Officer

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Dr Ayotunde Coker is one of the leading players in the development of the data centre industry in Africa and is Chairperson of influential industry group, the Africa Data Centres Association.

Before joining OADC as Chief Executive Officer, Dr Coker led Rack Centre to becoming a household name in Nigeria and a leading brand in Africa, with global recognition and numerous prestigious international awards.

Throughout a distinguished international career as a technology and business leader, Dr Coker has held senior positions in finance, energy, management consulting and UK Government. He holds an MSc from Cranfield Institute of Technology and a PhD (Honoris Causa) from ESCAE University. His achievements have been recognised by numerous awards, including the Distinguished Manufacturing Alumni Award (Cranfield Institute of Technology) 2020, and in the same year, he was recognised as one of the Global Top 30 Edge Computing Leaders by Data Economy Magazine.

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Open Access Data Centres – Africa’s Digital Heartbeat

OADC’s newly appointed CEO, Ayotunde Coker shares his vision for Africa’s future and the role OADC will play in the country’s transformation

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Ayotunde Coker


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Ayotunde Coker, CEO, OADC