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Frank Wilde

VP of the SAP 5G Council

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Company Reports with Frank Wilde

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SAP: Driving the digital journey for retailers

SAP’s integrated platform is leading the digital drive for retailers to create customer-centric, intelligent enterprises to leverage profitability in a ...

Why 5G Matters: SAP’s 5G Council Explores the Opportunity

Frank Wilde, VP of the SAP 5G Council, examines the incredible opportunity that 5G brings for network providers, their customers, and end users...

SAP – moving forward with people and partnerships

SAP’s Vice President for all Spend and Workforce IT Solutions (SWIS) Nicole Berg puts people and results at the heart of her leadership strategy. She...

SAP: the jazz of digital transformation

SAP’s Lars Friedrich, Andreas Spahn and Maria Fay on the balance between innovation and structure powering its approach to digital transformation...