Arash Ghazanfari on transformation and Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is an ecosystem of strategically aligned businesses, formed by a merger with EMC which, at $67bn, was one of the largest in the history of technology. “Two leading technology giants came together with a common vision to be a strategic partner to our customers. Dell Technologies has become an essential technology infrastructure vendor and a one-stop shop for organisations’ digital transformation needs,” says Arash Ghazanfari, CTO (UK), Dell Technologies.

“Events in 2020 have proven that every business has to become a technology business in order to survive the unique operating environment we find ourselves in. The need for digital transformation, a desire which Dell Technologies is responding to, is stronger now than ever before. We’re finding that our customers have had to accelerate their digital transformation projects to take advantage of the emerging digital economy,” says Ghazanfari. “Our clients have recognized the need to leverage technology to create best-in-class experiences for their customers. Additionally, they need to empower a diverse, and in most cases distributed but connected workforce to collaborate on digital platforms with the ability to create value regardless of where they are. All of this mean the amount of value you unlock from your data can directly contribute to your competitive differentiation. It is now more important than ever before to consider your cyber resiliency and enterprise security as a matter of board level priority.”

The number of subsectors experiencing digital transformation has led to a security landscape that is something of a headache for companies. “The security market is highly fragmented and there are many point solution providers out there. Historically, businesses have also made tactical and reactive investments in cybersecurity,” says Ghazanfari. “The result is a proliferation of disjointed security controls that don't necessarily talk to each other - adversely impacting the security posture of the enterprise. The approach that we take within the Dell Technologies ecosystem of capabilities, with VMware technology being at the heart of it all, is to focus on delivering more foundational and proactive security measures by delivering security by design intrinsically within our pre-validated solutions. Building security controls intrinsically into our software defined capabilities reduces the need for bolt-on, threat centric and siloed approach to security.” 

Dell Technologies allows businesses to thrive in the new normal, as Ghazanfari explains. “It's about creating strategic partnerships where we can assess the risk of adoption of new digital technologies and provide a consumer-like, persona-driven experience that effectively makes the complexities around delivering a digital workspace disappear and enables businesses to focus on delivering business value.” Having that increased awareness of risk can then lead to better outcomes. “Organisations didn't always have a comprehensive digital strategy. Now, it's essential that they do. With that comes a need to look at how risk is being mitigated and managed effectively, but this can actually be a really positive thing. The more that we assess and evaluate digital risks, the faster and better organisations can transform digitally.”

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Arash Ghazanfari on transformation and Dell Technologies
Arash Ghazanfari on transformation and Dell Technologies
Arash Ghazanfari on transformation and Dell Technologies
Organisations didn't always have a comprehensive digital strategy. Now, it's essential that they do
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Arash Ghazanfari
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Dell Technologies

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