Chief Operating Officer

What mobile phone does the chief operating officer of PCS Wireless own?  Well, that would be telling - but Bashar Nejdawi, is keen to share his passion for leading the global secondary mobile device market.

“PCS Wireless is helping to empower people to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues by having a reconditioned mobile.  “We are positioning ourselves in the secondary market where we are the leader in the mobile devices, secondary market on a global basis,” said Nejdawi, who has extensive leadership experience within the global telecommunications and mobility industries worldwide.

International experience from working in Norway and Barcelona, is helping Nejdawi manage his diverse workforce over 80 countries. “I love it. I think having such a diverse workforce brings a lot of interesting things to PCS. Everyone is very focused on working together and it's a great work environment. I would say the core success of PCS has come from our people.” 

Before joining PCS,  Nejdawi, worked for Clover Wireless & Clover Telecom, Ingram Micro and BrightPoint, but he started his career as a software engineer in the UK.

“Those were exciting days because that was a transition from the telecom custom designed infrastructure-based systems to computing systems and that led me into LAN and ISDN systems.  When I came to the US one of the first offers I had was to go work for Motorola, as a system architect, in the early days of GSM infrastructure systems. So I entered the wireless industry by chance.

“I love working in telecommunications as I don’t think there is any other industry that has such an impact on improving people's lives, from operating a business, accessing healthcare, or keeping in touch with family and friends. We really bring people together.”

Nejdawi admires the work Steve Jobs did within the industry. “He changed the industry as a creative thinker and amazing designer. I admire his tenacity. I admire his perseverance and I admire his vision for the industry and the future.”
At the end of our interview, Nejdawi finally reveals his mobile of choice to me. Could it be one of the bestsellers for 2021, Samsung or iPhone? “You may think that; but I couldn’t possibly comment”.

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A reconditioned mobile also provides a lifeline for many people who can now access healthcare and connect with loved ones which was crucial during the pandemic.
Author name
Bashar Nejdawi
Job Title, Company
Chief Operating Officer of PCS Wireless
We offer the chance for mobile devices to be refurbished and properly graded before they are re-circulated
Author name
Bashar Nejdawi
Job Title, Company
Chief Operating Officer of PCS Wireless

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