Vice President of Enterprise Technology

Christine Stoffel-Moffett, VP of Enterprise Technology at NASCAR, is dedicated to delivering technology across sport and entertainment to leverage growth and create immersive experiences.

Stoffel-Moffett joined NASCAR in March 2020, just before COVID-19 took hold and just after a $2 billion merger with International Speedway Corporation (ISC).

Her role is to ensure the business units across NASCAR, the race track organisations and 2,250 employees have the tools to be successful with access to the appropriate technology, services and connectivity. A key focus is to pivot NASCAR into being a data-driven company - a cultural shift across the company which requires mindful leadership and collaboration.

“When I came to NASCAR, I knew that not only were we merging two organisations, but we had to strive to be best-in-class and evaluate how we're leveraging technology and ensure its the “right” technology solving challenges for our business,” said Stoffel-Moffett, who has 35 years of experience working in technology.

“Through the merger of two very different businesses, we are now building a new culture of transparency, collaboration, passion, adaptiveness and encouraging a growth mindset,” she said.

For the past 17 years, Stoffel-Moffett has been involved in the sport industry, with the Arizona Coyotes NHL and the Arizona Diamondbacks MLB serving as VP/CTO’s – created strategic roadmaps, restructured core infrastructure, systems, and applications for operational efficiencies and led ideation discussions creating engaging fan experiences.   

Simultaneously, she has been running an organisation called SEAT (Sports and Entertainment Alliance in Technology), which has brought together the sports world with the power of new technology to drive it forward.

“I entered sports in 2006, from a Fortune 50 healthcare company. Early in my career, I knew relationships was key to success; new into sports, I founded SEAT because I quickly discovered that sports teams were not communicating or sharing; I was determined to change this,” she said 

“SEAT was founded on the premises of collaboration. I started contacting sports organisations, asking questions, including staff, budgets, projects; this began defining a baseline of data across the sports and entertainment industry. The teams and I enjoyed regular conference calls, sharing information, best practices and lessons learned across the industry,” she said

“That’s how SEAT started. It’s all about bringing together sports leaders across the world to share their experiences, learnings with like-minded professionals,” she said.

SEAT has provided a global conference platform for 17 years, bringing together thousands of sport and entertainment organisations from across the globe to collaborate and share our vast experiences, collectively, to move the industry forward.

She describes her leadership style at NASCAR as ‘collaborative’, which is the way she leads SEAT.

“I like open dialogue, honesty, demonstrating integrity and doing everything for the right reason. What’s most important is when we make commitments to the internal business and to our customers that we follow through, exceeding expectations.

“My NASCAR staff feel empowered to do their jobs, but the most important thing that I've been able to get across to my IT staff is that it's okay to make mistakes - we are going to learn more from our failures than our successes - we learn and move forward,” said Stoffel-Moffett, who has introduced Tech Tuesday to share new and innovative solutions across the organisation.

Stoffel-Moffett cites two inspirational figures from the sporting world she admires.

Steve Reese, CIO of the Phoenix Suns. He has turned the tables of how technology is a partner to the marketing department and sales departments - which is evolutionary and visionary.

“Jonathan Becher, President at San Jose Sharks. Jonathan’s leadership style is one that inspires me to truly be the best version of myself for those around me. He is simply a lovely person who leads with compassion, empathy and heart,” she said.

Stoffel-Moffett is recently married to the love of her life, Brian, and she is a mother-of-three (24, 27 and 30) and has three beautiful grandchildren. She shares her passions with her family for sports, technology, and motorcycles.

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