Global Vice President of IT

Working to transform the global team at SMC to an Agile mindset and become “AWESOMEr” is Michael Loggins Global Vice President of IT.

“I have been with SMC for 15 years and during this this time I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work with amazing people to unify all the SMC organisations across the world, around a common corporate goal and vision - using technology to change the way we deliver our products and help our customers,” said Loggins.

SMC is the global leader in manufacturing pneumatic technology for industrial automation and supports customers in every industrialised nation. “At SMC we're perfectly aligned with our customers, with our product and our vision to enable our customers to automate their needs and help to build a better planet,” said Loggins, speaking from his office in Noblesville, Indiana.

Loggins said he always had an interest in technology and music from an early age. “I broke many computers trying to take them apart, but I had a fifth grade teacher named Mr Wyatt who taught us computer programming and I think that probably stoked the technology fire in me.

“I am a classically trained tuba player and performed in different ensembles around the US. I was going to pursue a career as a music teacher but when I finished college, I went back to technology. I started throwing myself into desktop support and it has been a continual progression for the past 22 years,” said Loggins who pointed out he has passed on his love of music to his children who have sung with the Indianapolis Children Choir with one of them even travelling the world.

Commenting on what attracted him to the IT job posting at SMC, more than 15 years ago, Loggins said he moved from a small consulting technology company focused on healthcare but was looking for a better work/life balance as he was putting in a 90-hour week.

“I loved what I did, but I was burning out. I applied blindly to SMC based on some of the technology that they were using and needed help with - this technology lined up pretty well with the technology I was delivering in my role so it was a perfect match. Getting an opportunity to really help drive solutions for the business using technology has been amazing.”

Loggins pointed out he initially developed his leadership skills by helping out at a 4-H retreat when he was a 14-year-old freshman. “I was exposed to the idea of leadership which is not about being bossy - driven by authority - but being a leader in charge of people who want to follow and support you.”

Commenting on what leader he admires, Loggins said:There are several people who've written about leadership in ways that stoke my passion. One of the more “out there” authors is Gary Vaynerchuk, the CEO of several media companies, who is doing amazing things in the media and helped me understand the importance of authenticity when you're leading.” 


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