Vice President of Global Infrastructure and IT Operations

With over 15 years of IT leadership experience and 10+ years of experience in managing global IT infrastructure, personnel, and operations, Andy Green previously worked as Director of IT Technology for Servigistics, a life cycle management company. 

While leading his department, he maintained streamlined operations of WAN/LAN, Telecom computing environments, storage (NAS/SAN), data centres, and IT service desks, all headquartered in metro Atlanta. The work, while rewarding, took place in a demanding 24/7 environment. He rose to the occasion. 

As Jason James, his manager at Servigistics, relates: “Andy was a key player in driving not only IT operational efficiencies, but also cross-departmental operational efficiencies. He was directly responsible for managing our SaaS hosted solution that served many Fortune 500 clients.” 

When the Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) purchased Servigistics in 2013, Green was tapped to lead their IT and Cloud Services department, which brought new responsibilities: managing cloud infrastructure across multiple physical facilities, in addition to Azure and AWS. 

Like many in the IT industry, he learned to juggle multiple roles. Green now commands expertise in specialisations ranging from IT management and international business to data centre management and disaster recovery. Over his years with Servigistics and PTC, he also polished his skills in integrations, voice and data communications, and technology transformations. 

Marni Reinlieb, who worked with Green at both Servigistics and PTC, put it this way: “Andy’s ability to manage his team as well as large clients made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our line of business.” His team-building awards reflect his dedication to the people behind any new technology. 

Recognised for outstanding perceptiveness, leadership, and communication by peers and supervisors, Green arrived in Atlanta in 2020. He now leads five teams: service operations, network operations, service delivery, development operations, and systems and services infrastructure. Alone, that group “manages about eight petabytes of data and 1,500 physical and virtual machines and server databases.”

Ever since starting to work at PRGX, Green can’t stay away from roles in cutting-edge technology. One wonders what innovative projects he’ll take on next, as the exciting developments in the field leave plenty of room for imagination. “It’s changed a lot,” he admits. But for him, that’s part of the draw: “It keeps you interested.”

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When you’re transforming, people often get left out of the equation. So I make sure that my people have access to the tools, training, and resources to understand these new technologies. They’re not employees; they’re team members
Author name
Andy Green
Job Title, Company
Vice President of Global Infrastructure and IT Operations, PRGX
I can’t just bring a vendor in and ask them to give me technology. I want partners that understand what we’re trying to become
Author name
Andy Green
Job Title, Company
Vice President of Global Infrastructure and IT Operations, PRGX

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