VP of Data Analytics, tiket.com

With over 10 years’ experience with big data and analytics, Maria Tjahjadi is the current VP of Data Analytics at tiket.com. During her career, Maria has held various positions at various companies.

When reflecting on what makes an effective leader - particularly in the current climate - Maria details that “staying positive, is very important. As a leader within the travel industry, we believe that the sector will bounce back once the pandemic is over. It is important to maintain a positive outlook and ensure that everyone throughout the team shares the same sentiment.” Maria’s own leadership style has evolved to lead from the back, she explains that “in my point of view you need to work together with your team and motivate them. It is like you are guarding them from the back, allowing your team to move forward. I inspire them with my approach of servant leadership. As I believed we should grow together as a team.”

Reflecting on her experience and the leaders she has had over the years, Maria highlights that “mostly in my career I always have very good leaders, people who have inspired me. I used to be an extremely introverted person; I couldn’t talk in public. I recalled one previous leader who said to me ‘if you want to grow, then you need to open up, as a leader you will become a role model for everyone to follow’. So, I brushed up my public speaking skills and strive to always do the best I can - another key piece of advice I received from my leader.”

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Maria Tjahjadi
Maria Tjahjadi
Maria Tjahjadi

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