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The drive towards creating a smart city is the focus of Travis Cutright, Chief Information and Innovation Officer at City of Mesa local government in the US.

“My role at the City of Mesa is to lead the Department of Innovation and Technology,” said Cutright who joined the City in 2016.  My staff of 161 are responsible for all aspects of technology from infrastructure, communications, application development, GIS, database, and everything in between. We also lead the Smart City program for the City of Mesa,” said Cutright.

Commenting on what aspect of a smart city he thinks will be most beneficial to the citizens of Mesa, Cutright said: “I believe the smart government aspect, being the way that citizens of Mesa interact with the government will be the most beneficial to our citizens - giving them access to services when and how they want to access them.”

Looking ahead to the technology of the future, Cutright said: “Artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles are changing the way we do business,” said Cutright.

“I’d describe my leadership style as a servant leader that is driven.  I empower my staff and give them room to innovate while helping our customers solve business issues that they are faced with,” he said.

Former President Barack Obama is cited by Cutright as a leader on the world stage he admires the most. “His charismatic personality and moral compass made him a very effective leader.”

Cutright began his career in healthcare with a focus on infrastructure. “In 1997 I became Chief Information Officer for an international semiconductor manufacturer, I then spent 10 years with a National civil engineering consulting firm before transitioning into the public sector in 2011.  In 2016, I began my current role, Chief Information Officer for the City of Mesa, said Cutright.

Away from the office, Cutright admits to have many “time consuming hobbies which include golf, restoring classic vehicles and playing three instruments which include the bass, guitar and keyboard.

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It’s not a destination but a journey and it continues to evolve and involves all aspects of government.
Author name
Travis Cutright
Job Title, Company
Chief Information Officer for City of Mesa
We have a program that is in place where the GPS of our public safety vehicle interfaces with our traffic controllers to preempt the lights to change colour so they can continue through the intersection safely.
Author name
Travis Cutright
Job Title, Company
Chief Information Officer for City of Mesa

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