Mar 26, 2020

Advanced Data Systems makes FDA-Approved Remote Patient Moni

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PARAMUS, N.J., March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Data...

PARAMUS, N.J., March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Data Systems Corp. (ADS) has made an FDA-approved remote patient monitoring (RPM) option available to its clients. A powerful, virtual diagnostics package between ADS' clients and their patients is created when the RPM option is deployed in conjunction with Medics Telemedicine. Both are operational from within ADS' MedicsCloud automation suite; they are also available separately as needed.

Medics Telemedicine: the patient enters the session at the appointment time as listed on the Medics scheduler using their iOS or Android device, or a PC that has a forward-facing camera. The provider logs into the session as well.     

The encounter begins with each side seeing and hearing the other. Sessions are automatically timestamped. Depending on the practice's financial policy, telemedicine appointments can be paid on scheduling, or at any point in advance, or as sessions are completed. Online payments can be processed through ADS' MedicsPortal, which supports several other engagement features as well. The patient's insurance may also reimburse for telemedicine visits.

A recently signed law has approved $8.3B to fund efforts specifically to address the coronavirus. The bill allocates $500M to Medicare telehealth services, allowing the HHS Secretary to waive Medicare telehealth restrictions during the coronavirus public health emergency so that care is provided regardless of the patient's location and with the home being an originating site. An accompanying White House statement appears here.

The RPM option enables providers to monitor patients' blood pressure, glucose, EKG, SPo2 with heart rate, temperature, and weight, all in real-time. Providers can detect variations in readings that may be cause for concern. RPM initiates a variety of reminders, including for medication, and sends alerts to authorized caregivers and family members when needed. Claims to Medicare and Medicaid for RPM readings (code 99454) can be submitted.

ADS' Medics Telemedicine and RPM option produce a dual revenue stream at a time when patient visits may be lower. They also work to keep patients engaged with their providers.

David Barzillai, ADS President, said, "Today, mobile healthcare technology has taken a front and center position with patients and providers strongly urged to interact remotely. Adding an RPM option to our already robust suite of mobility features creates a powerful array of virtual diagnostics that not only supports remote encounters but vitals readings as well. It's a combination very much needed by our clients and their patients in a world that, more than ever, calls for this type of mobile engagement technology." 

Contact ADS at 800-899-4237, Ext. 2264 or email [email protected] for more information on our MedicsCloud Suite. Help keep everyone in your ecosystem safe and healthy while adhering to suggested guidelines for remote connectivity.

Since 1977, ADS has been a leading provider of interoperable clinical, financial and operational automation solutions to practices, groups, enterprise networks, imaging centers, behavioral health organizations, laboratories, and to revenue cycle management (RCM) companies. We provide quick Implementations, comprehensive Training, excellent ongoing Support with Updates, data conversions from existing systems and integrations with other systems. We're debt free, privately owned, and our clients have easy access to us. Our name has never changed and we've never discontinued any of our systems. We greatly value and appreciate our clients who've enabled us to attain an unparalleled history of stability and reliability in the industry. 

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