Aug 4, 2020

Aladdin Technology Group Unlocks Power of Social Commerce

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HONG KONG, Aug. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Aladdin Technology Group ("ATG"), a next-generation social commerce and marketing solutions provider, today announced its new business vision and strategic development to launch new social commerce and full-suite community-building solutions to connect brands closer to consumers.

Previously focused in developing white-label backend solutions for fintech, blockchain and e-commerce businesses, ATG now shifts gear in developing social commerce solutions which could simplify and maximise the efficacy of the social ecosystem.

Social commerce is an in-demand opportunity combining social media and e-commerce which streamlines the purchasing process for consumers and increases the efficiency of social media advertisers for brands.

By 2022, the influencer marketing industry is predicted to worth up to US$15 billion[1]. ATG believes in the unprecedented power of influencer marketing and communities. For brands, it has never been more important to capitalise on converting followers and engagement into revenue-driven results such as increasing customers and sales.

"Everything we do at Aladdin Technology is about bringing to life the power of connections and possibilities to life. The ever-evolving consumer and market landscape has outgrown the current marketing strategies; tactics such as influencer marketing may no longer support a brand's long- term marketing lifecycle. ATG plays a forefront role to reinvent and optimise the sales and social ecosystem; it will bring about innovative solutions that benefit all stakeholders, including influencers, brands and consumers," said Ricky Ng, Group CEO and Founder at Aladdin Technology Group.

KOL.SHOP, ATG's debut flagship product, will launch its beta version on 4 August 2020. KOL.SHOP empowers influencers to establish and elevate their own persona and content via self-media social accounts. Promoted brand content can be targeted to new segments of the target audience. KOL.SHOP provides a seamless mobile and digital experience relevant to current consumer behaviours by making inspirational and entertaining content created by influencers to be desirable, actionable and shoppable.

"In fact, in western markets, influencers or celebrities run their own independent websites or media without the reliance on traditional formulated social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. While this is not yet a common trend in Asia, we believe KOL.SHOP will usher in a new phenomenon of self-media promotion, where content can be created flexibly, independently but at the same time complementary to traditional platforms and used as a cutting edge marketing tool." Ricky continued.

ATG looks to accelerate its business pipeline exponentially, including the creation of a brand new cross-border e-commerce platform in partnership with a leading logistics provider. In addition, Rakuten H Collective Studio, a joint venture between the Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten and The H Collective, a Hollywood-based film production company, has also appointed ATG to expand its product and business footprint. The partnership will see an e-commerce project, combining licensed brand products and content marketing features, to be launched in Q3 2020. ATG is appointed to lead its operation and marketing strategies across the Greater China region.

Aladdin Technology Group, established in 2017 and headquartered in Hong Kong, is now looking to expand its market presence and partnership opportunities in Asia Pacific, European and the US markets.

[1] According to the Business Insider Intelligence

About Ricky Ng

Ricky Ng is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in internet businesses and digital platforms and investment in multiple ecommerce and fintech projects. He started his career at Yahoo, then co-founded one of the largest advertising platforms in Greater China in 2009. Ricky concurrently holds the position of a Partner to Rakuten H Collective Studio in the Greater China region, leading the company's digital initiatives and marketing strategies in the market. Ricky is a graduate of The Chinese University of Hong Kong; he completed the Bachelor of Engineering majoring in System Engineering & Engineering Management.

About Aladdin Technology Group

Aladdin Technology Group aims at empowering brands to connect to new possibilities and build stronger relationships with customers in Asia through social commerce. Established in 2017 with a headquarters in Hong Kong, ATG also operates five branch offices in San Francisco, London, Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul.

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