Mar 24, 2020

Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough: Training and Image Rec

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POTOMAC, Md., March 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Z Advanced Com...

POTOMAC, Md., March 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Z Advanced Computing, Inc. (ZAC), the pioneer startup on Explainable-AI (Artificial Intelligence) (XAI), is developing its Smart Home product line through a paid-pilot for Smart Appliances for BSH Home Appliances (a subsidiary of the Bosch Group, originally a joint venture between Bosch and Siemens), the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and one of the largest in the world.  ZAC just successfully finished its Phase 1 of the pilot program. "Our cognitive-based algorithm is more robust, resilient, consistent, and reproducible, with a higher accuracy, than Convolutional Neural Nets or GANs, which others are using now.  It also requires much smaller number of training samples, compared to CNNs, which is a huge advantage," said Dr. Saied Tadayon, CTO of ZAC.  "We did the entire work on a regular laptop, for both training and recognition, without any dedicated GPU.  So, our computing requirement is much smaller than a typical Neural Net, which requires a dedicated GPU," continued Dr. Bijan Tadayon, CEO of ZAC.  "Our solution requires much less electrical power, compared to the Neural Nets.  So, it can be used on portable devices or at edge, using just a battery," explained Dr. Saied Tadayon.

"Our algorithm runs pretty fast and efficient, even on a regular laptop, without any dedicated GPU or server backend.  Our algorithm processes hi-res images with much less computing power, compared to CNNs.  So, it fits the portable applications or small devices," added Dr. Bijan Tadayon.  "ZAC algorithms and approach have a huge scientific significance and economic impact for AI and Machine Learning, as we can get much better results with much less computing power," emphasized Dr. Saied Tadayon.

ZAC algorithms may be applied to many diverse applications.  For example, ZAC is also developing Drone Vision under a contract from US Air Force.

ZAC's IP portfolio comprises over 450 inventions, including 11 issued patents.

ZAC has an impressive team of scientists and developers, headed by Saied Tadayon, who got his PhD from Cornell at age 23.  ZAC's world-renowned advisors include Prof. Lee (Nobel Laureate in Physics), Prof. Gharib (Vice Provost of Research for Caltech), and Prof. Buhrman (former Sr. Vice Provost of Research for Cornell).

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