Jul 7, 2020

AweSun Remote Desktop Expands Secure Remote Access Support F

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NEW YORK, July 7, 2020 /RPNewswire/ -- AweRay Limited, a global remote desktop solutions provider, has expanded its secure remote access support for macOS. "We are very glad to announce that AweSun support for macOS that has long been expected by our users is now available! We are constantly working on expanding our remote desktop solutions and services to deliver better experiences to all our users in India and worldwide," said Joseph, CEO of AweRay Limited.

AweSun Remote Desktop supports cross-platform remote access and support. Since its initial launch, AweSun solutions for remote desktop have already covered Windows, iOS and Android devices. And now, its support for macOS is also available. 

AweSun has been committed to offering remote desktop and remote work services to remote workers, technical supporters, freelancers and digital nomads in India and worldwide, empowering its users to remotely access and support computers or mobile devices from their local computers or mobile devices from home or anywhere.

A wide range of remote desktop as well as remote work solutions are offered by AweSun that include multi-concurrent sessions, remote support for mobile devices, session recording, remote printing, whiteboard, file transfer, blank screen, clipboard sharing, etc. All these solutions are offered for FREE. 

AweSun serves as a perfect remote work tool that allows its users to work from home or anywhere. Users can remotely access and control their office computer from home or on the go and thus keep connected and stay productive everywhere. All these will only take a few clicks.

In early May, AweSun officially released its 1.1 version with multiple new enhancements included; one of its highlights is that it empowers its users to remotely access and control Android devices. Support requesters only need to get AweSun Client app installed on their mobile devices. The newly-released support is available for Free for one year, which greatly expands its remote support availability among users with more diversified remote support needs.

With the help of AweSun, users are able to keep in contact with their loved ones. Via secured connections between computers and mobile devices, it's getting much more convenient for users to help their family or friends with program setup, troubleshooting, or any other remote support needed.

Apart from its powerful FREE services, AweSun users can also choose to purchase AweSun's higher plans to better satisfy their remote access and support demands. For now, two subscription options are available: AweSun Pro and AweSun Game. These two cover all features included in the Free version and more with enhanced performance. The remote CMD feature in AweSun Pro, for instance, allows its users to perform operations using commands remotely, which is a very practical option for the tech-savvy. AweSun Game enables its users to play computer games remotely on their mobile devices with multiple game features included, such as keyboard customization and exclusive game link that ensures an amazing game playing experience for its game audiences. 

AweSun Pro and Game subscriptions are available for a first-purchase discount. AweSun provides an unlimited subscription plan that allows users to choose a monthly subscription. 

"We keep working on making new enhancements to empower our users to better offer or receive remote support under certain circumstances where remote desktop access is required. There are more surprises ahead," said Joseph.

Explore more AweSun remote desktop and remote work solutions, go to AweRay.com 

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