May 21, 2020

BantuSaku: Innovative Online Lending Platform You Can Rely O

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Jan. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PT Smartec Teknologi Indonesia has launched its online lending platform called BantuSaku. BantuSaku is an innovative online lending application that aims to help and aid low to middle class workers, with a more affordable loan options for individuals who cannot get access to other financial institutions. PT Smartec Teknologi Indonesia and its product BantuSaku, has been registered at the Financial Services Authority on 30 October 2019 with registration number S-610 / NB.213 / 2019.

In a report titled "Financial Inclusion in Asia" in 2017, the Asian Development bank found that 78 percent of Indonesia's population - around 199 million people - was considered to have no bank account, making Indonesia one of the countries without the largest bank account in Asia, making it impossible for them to have the financial data needed to get financing. "This group is usually a group of people who live from pay check to pay check so that they do not have the credit score needed to qualify for a traditional bank loan or credit card and, therefore, are subject to predatory interest rates determined by the cruel lenders to finance their needs," stated Mr. Arnold, Vice President of the Company.

Through technology, BantuSaku has simplified the application process, qualification and disbursement of personal loan funds using Optical Character Recognition ("OCR") technology. OCR makes it easy for the platform to identify and verify borrowers who enters to BantuSaku's application, so that their services can be provided quickly, easily and efficiently which causes the low cost of the services they offer. "At BantuSaku we don't believe in credit scores. This is the ultimate symbol of an outdated model that we affirm would be annoying," said Mr. Arnold. Instead, BantuSaku uses data from their algorithm and integrate Artificial Intelligence technology to assess the applicant's ability to handle loans, and determine how to best arrange payment schedules to avoid borrowers being overwhelmed. The Solution helps consumers build creditworthiness. BantuSaku provides a very affordable price and interest rate depending on several factors.

What makes BantuSaku unique?

Eligible borrowers will get one offer, which varies depending on the borrower's living conditions. With a good track record, borrowers can open access to more products, benefits, and lower interest rates.

BantuSaku also targets Micro Business actors who are incorporated in e-commerce platforms. Business actors who have a good level of sales and need capital for business activities operation or additional stock of goods can apply for loans through the BantuSaku application by uploading their sales reports to the application.

"At BantuSaku, we want to protect borrowers from cruel lenders and predatory costs while helping them better understand cash management to gain financial freedom. To achieve this vision, we have a comprehensive road map of innovative products launched in the next 12 months, we believe that there is a need for sustainability in order to support the productivity of our borrowers, both workers and business people," said Mr. Arnold. 

BantuSaku is available in Beta mode on Google Playstore. For more information, visit:

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