May 21, 2020

Bigger Muscles May Just Be a tApp Away With Today's Official

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Dec. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- With a three second workout set up time and some of the most advanced bodybuilding methodology integrated, the newest bodybuilding app by Muscle Shocker LLC of St. Pete, Florida has launched just in time for New Year's resolutioners planning on massive gains in 2020.  Of course, there's no 'magic pill' for muscle building and Muscle Shocker doesn't claim to be one. 

"This is just a small piece of the gains puzzle. Eating right, consistency and rest should be paramount alongside any workout regiment."   -Clayton Mayo, app co-founder. 

Streamlining the flow for users was a fundamental consideration while developing Muscle Shocker.  The user experience drives smoothly, intuitively to an intense workout in just seconds.   

Primary flow of operations: 

  1. Start Workout (from the home screen)
  2. Muscle Family Selection:  Select either a family of muscles such as Push Day & Pull Day, or select your workout's muscles individually.
  3. Shock Selection:  Choose which of the previous selections to target for plateau breaking exercises. 

Although the science behind each workout is very complex, Muscle Shocker's interface is straight-forward.  A one-rep max may be entered for exact weight prompts or skipped for more general levels. 

"These advanced workout techniques aren't groundbreaking, but the system of easily and extremely quickly generating them absolutely is," says Mayo.

Each Muscle Shocker workouts is randomized by design.  By focusing on core compound lifts and utilizing advanced, yet time-tested training principals on core, compound lifts the Muscle Shocker app generates workouts centered around shocking the targeted muscles into growth. 

Unlike most bodybuilding apps on the market, Muscle Shocker's Pro version isn't subscription based.   Currently available for a $4.99 one-time fee, users unlock functions such as:  Adding exercises or additional muscles groups and shuffling exercises during the workouts along with regular updates and additions to the workout data pool. 

Muscle Shocker™ is now available in the U.S. on Google Play and Apple's App Store

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