Sep 4, 2020

Content Providers: Join The Data Revolution Or Die

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MIAMI, Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- We're still in Q3, but in 2020 we have already seen more changes to our industry than in the previous five years, and there's no sign that things will slow down anytime soon. But in chaos lies opportunity - and for video, the opportunity is to design a better blueprint for a stronger and more data-driven approach during our turbulent 2020 and beyond.

Join media innovators from all over the world at Data-Driven Video Summit 2020, an event designed to rethink how video will continue evolving in this new disruptive era.

Encouraged by the sector's warm reception of data-driven related topics, Streann, MPP Global, and Jump Data-Driven joined forces to organize the invite-only event, which will include the participation of key technology players like Accedo ONE, 24i, MUX, and Kaltura, as well as seasoned professionals from the video industry, including Blockbuster, Globo, M7, Mediapro, Topic, Vodafone, Watch TV, and ZDF.

The event will provide a global perspective on how companies in the sector can use data in every facet of their businesses. Technical sessions will offer discussions about the new groundbreaking developments to be seen over the next 12 months, while business-focused panels will offer executives the chance to learn about the state of data-driven video in the post-COVID world.

Media companies generate vast amounts of data, and this event will showcase how best to handle data storage, ingestion, processing, and management for data at scale. There will be sessions on how to add value by turning your data into actionable insights, based on lessons learned in the last few months of massive lifestyle changes worldwide. You will learn how to set up your data architecture and offer the best data-driven content curation, all with the aim of maximizing ROI by leveraging AI and machine learning solutions.

"The video industry is moving faster than ever before; consumers are more and more demanding, and the competition continues to grow. Artificial Intelligence is putting us in a position to know exactly what each of our customers wants, even before they know it themselves. This predictive capability allows us to make an impact on them, influencing their behavior, and as a result, maximizing profits for any video service," Jerónimo Macanás, CEO of Jump said.

"Content providers are experiencing a 10-year acceleration of OTT adoption in only a few short months. What have we learned? The most successful video companies aren't media companies; they're data companies! We have a mathematical formula for content providers to win in digital: C (DxE) = M. It's not only the technology that counts; it's getting all the components of the formula right." said Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann.

"We talk to so many companies who simply do not have access to their own data and is why one of our key company objectives is to 'Make Data Available.' We help our clients maximize their use of data to unlock behavioral and actionable decisions and insights to optimize their subscription services. For MPP Global, supplying easy access to data via structured, repeatable and secure processes, is key to us empowering our Clients to fulfill their dynamic data strategies," said Paul Johnson, CEO of MPP Global.

About the Event
Presented by Jump, MPP Global and Streann Media, the Data-Driven Video Summit is the professional video industry's authoritative benchmark for assessing the progress and debating the future of television's digitally-driven distribution transformation.

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