Mar 13, 2020

Control of Money Transportation and Patch Management via Inf

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BERLIN, March 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Apprich Secur GmbH is...

BERLIN, March 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Apprich Secur GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers and vendors of money transportation and special vehicles. To protect the transported goods and vehicles, Apprich Secur needs innovative solutions. The company's clients are major banks, security companies, organizations, and logistics providers from across Europe. Clients of Apprich Secur appreciate the company's long-term experience and the way Apprich Secur manufactures vehicles according to individual requirements and equip the vehicles with innovative technologies that provide the best possible protection.

At Apprich Secur, everything is focused on the protection of the driver, goods, and vehicle, as well as on methods of protecting money and goods vehicles in a more intelligent way.

"To access the money vehicles remotely via a mobile data network, we use the encryption technology by Infotecs GmbH, Berlin, in our vehicles," says Mr. Friedrich from the Electronics Development Team at Apprich Secur. With the Always-On functionality of the ViPNet Software Defined VPN solution, it is possible to connect to the vehicles securely via a mobile data network at any time. As the vehicles constantly move across cells of mobile network providers, the manufacturer of special vehicles was looking for a solution that will allow staying connected to the vehicles with the Always-On technology – and has found it in the ViPNet Technology implemented with MICA in a container. Other VPN solutions require re-establishing a secured connection after every connection loss or after changing the mobile network provider.

The solution by Infotecs shows a very low latency in data transfer. Thus, it is possible to seamlessly install software updates on the vehicles remotely. MICA Wireless Hardware with an e-SIM is built-in into the vehicles. With a global roaming agreement, it is not necessary to enter into separate mobile service agreements with each mobile provider in different countries where the vehicles are used. MICA Hardware also offers the possibility to transfer the telemetry data of a specific vehicle manufacturer's bus system and then assess it for the predictive and preventive maintenance analysis.

The mobile network technology also offers new vehicle monitoring options. Although GPS location tracking of vehicles is impossible in tunnels etc., the operators can now track the vehicles continuously via a mobile network, which is available in each tunnel. This significantly increases the security according to the requirements for money and goods transportation companies. 

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