Jun 30, 2020

Eye Level Learning Expands Into the Digital Landscape

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SEOUL, South Korea, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Eye Level, a global children's education service provider, has successfully reached more than half of its students with its online coaching system. Utilizing this new system and its knowhow in providing personalized learning experiences to children, Eye Level is expanding its learning model into the digital landscape.

Eye Level acted fast when it noticed confirmed cases of COVID-19 increase worldwide. The online coaching system, now dubbed Eye Level On Air, launched on February 6 and has gradually improved in stability and function. Now, more than 17 countries and 56% of Eye Level's existing students are using On Air. However, this expansion to the digital landscape did not come easy for the once offline-centric learning model Eye Level provided.

With prolonged lockdown situations seen worldwide, teachers and parents had to adapt. Eye Level's programs are designed in small steps to accommodate the learning capability of each student. During this small-steps learning process, students can seek help from their teachers according to their needs. With Eye Level On Air, students can meet instructors at the convenience of their homes and receive the same type of coaching as they did at the learning centers.

"It wasn't easy converting to a full 100% online learning process," says Head of Marketing, Min Lee. "Our previous model depended on students being supervised and coached for a certain allotted time at physical locations. However, thanks to our well-trained instructors and their professionalism, we were able to provide digital citizenship to tens of thousands of students and conduct more than half of our learning sessions purely online."

Many countries are offering new students Free Trials for 2 weeks, so please find out more about the program at myeyelevel.com and contact your nearest center for consultation.

About Eye Level

Eye Level is a global leader in Math and English programs for students between the ages of 4 and 15. Eye Level places academic achievement as its top priority and believes that each child has the power to reach his or her true potential.

Depending on each student level, students have access to level-appropriated booklets, worksheets, readers, additional practice problems, online games, and other supplementary materials. Online booklets are also available for those who cannot receive them at home via Eye Level's Learning Room.


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