May 21, 2020

First universal UK ‘take-a-ticket’ app enables retailers to ensure safer and smarter customer queuing

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UK 21st May 2020Retailers can eradicate long physical store queues and ensure safer, smarter and fairer shopping for their customers thanks to the launch of the UK’s first universal ‘take a ticket’ social distancing SmartQ app by Adactus, leading specialists in booking and reservation systems.

Offered free to consumers and with a free four week trial for all retailers, SmartQ by Adactus  guarantees less physical queuing along with shorter, safer distancing queues to reduce users’ physical interaction and improve the overall shopping experience in the new Covid-19 world.

The simple app, which requires just an initial mobile number registration, allows consumers to pick a convenient time to join the queue at their chosen store, either via the app, text or for those without phones, from a store staff member at a safe distance.

Once booked, the customer will receive a retailer branded ticket on their phone or at the store, with the remaining estimated wait time and number of people ahead of them in the queue so they can wait safely at home, or in their car. When it’s time to check-in, SmartQ will send a second alert advising them to proceed to the store’s entrance.

Queue times can only be booked for the same day to prevent people block-booking future advance slots, while if consumers have to change plans they can re-release their booked slots by cancelling their ticket at any time.

Scott Muncaster, Managing Director of Adactus says: “With our virtual queue app retailers and consumers will only need one solution – SmartQ. Social distancing queues are likely to remain for the foreseeable future and we’ve already seen the major disruption and frustration this can cause customers alike when faced with long physical queues.

“As lockdown eases this disruption is only likely to get worse unless new solutions such as SmartQ are taken up. The alternative is more and more people physically queuing in ever longer queues along with the risk of neighbouring store queues getting in each other’s way which could spell disaster for retailers.

“Using nearly two decades of expertise in developing booking systems for major brands in the restaurant and entertainment market such as Pizza Hut, TGI Friday’s and Café Rouge, we wanted to do our bit during these unprecedented times. Our new app is our way of supporting the nation and retailers to bring a much safer, fairer and convenient queuing system to the UK.”

Not only is the SmartQ by Adactus app free to all retailers for the first four weeks, but it will also remain extremely low cost after the trial period to ensure retailers better manage their queues, even during peak periods.

Retailers can send ‘reminders’ to customers’ phones to come to the store via the app, and allocate priority times for the elderly, vulnerable and NHS workers. They can also use data analytics to understand queuing patterns and behaviour.  

Scott continues: “SmartQ by Adactus is an inclusive system so any customer can use it whether they’re a smart phone user or not. For anyone without the app, retailers can allocate tickets manually and manage these tickets via our mobile interface to alert consumers to come to store either via text or from a safe distance. As a flexible and sustainable queuing system it can also be scaled for use by any retailer, business or organisation during Covid-19 and beyond.”

The SmartQ app will be available to retailers from 31stMay. Scott adds: “Safe distance queuing shouldn’t have to be a terrible experience and with the support of the consumers and a widespread buy-in from UK retailers this will ensure it’s safe, easy and convenient.

“We’d also love consumer and retailer feedback on our new app - for stores not already listed on the app, consumers can send in an anonymous request for their store to be added, while retailers can also register interest through our landing page here.

“With our free four week trial for retailers and then tiered pricing based on retailer size, we’re expecting it to be popular with those businesses looking for better, fairer and safer queuing systems for their customers.”

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