May 20, 2020

Global Fleet Conference 2020 goes virtual

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Brussels (BELGIUM), 19 May 2020 - Each year, the Global Fleet Conference brings together global and international fleet professionals, industry experts and thought leaders from all over the world. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it will do so again this year – in an exciting new virtual format, from 2 June to early July.
Initially scheduled for 25-27 May in Rome, the Global Fleet Conference 2020 was cancelled, due to the travel restrictions and health risks caused by the coronavirus.
The unprecedented circumstances of the current crisis have had a great impact on the global fleet industry. Now more than ever, the global fleet community is in need of a forum for discussion, best practice sharing, expertise and guidance. This was confirmed by a recent survey, in which more than 45 global fleet managers of the largest fleets did underline the importance of having a digital conference and confirmed their participation in such an initiative.
That’s why the Global Fleet Conference 2020 will go ahead: in various digital formats, and with topics tailored to today’s needs under the title: Preparing for the New Normal. The Global Fleet Virtual Conference 2020 will not only provide not-to-be-missed knowledge, participants will have the opportunity to network and interact with each other and with their business partners via an easy-to-use event app.

Here is a first overview of the events planned over a five-week period, starting on 2 June.
Global Fleet Virtual Conference 2020: Preparing for the New Normal

  • Podcasts
    • The new economic and social reality,
    • How to apply innovation in global procurement.
  •  Best-practice webinars
    • How to control your TCO, via case studies by award-winning global fleet managers,
    • How to stick to your electrification and CO2 reduction targets,
    • How to benchmark your strategy with your peers (via the results of the Global Fleet Survey 2020).
  •  Deep-dive webinars. Three sessions, three targets:
    • How to achieve Zero Accidents.
    • How to achieve Zero Emissions,
    • How to achieve Zero Cost,
  •  Panel discussions
    • How connectivity and AI will determine the New Normal,
    • What you need to know from around the fleet world,
    • How to set your priorities for efficient fleet management across Latin America,
    • The Global Car Leasing outlook, with the CEOs of the biggest alliances.
  •  Workshops
    • How to make your fleet policy future-proof by working towards employee wellbeing,
    • and more.

With its varied topics and various formats, the Global Fleet Virtual Conference 2020 will deliver valuable content from industry experts and leaders. Some events will be pre-recorded, others will be live, enabling maximum engagement with the audience.
Interaction and networking made possible
The opportunity to network – one of the great bonuses of physical events – will also be available at this virtual conference. Via the easy-to-use event app Attendify, all participants can reach out to other attendees, and provide feedback for the various modules, all of which can be followed via the app itself, on smartphones, laptops or desktops.
The Global Fleet Virtual Conference 2020 will be free of charge, but registration is required.  To register, simply go on 

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