May 21, 2020

The Inaugural Politics 4.0 Idea Games Call for 160 Players a

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DENNIS, Mass., Jan. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- There's a new way to solve public policy puzzles without all the rudeness, spin, and yelling. The Politics 4.0 Idea Games is looking to field 160 Players for its inaugural game. The Players will be balanced by ideology, and together will select their own public policy puzzle to attempt to solve: Team v Puzzle.

Together they will 1. Gather Facts, and ask better Questions. 2. Pose Ideas by Intent, Singles, and Packages; 3. Respond with Upsides, Downsides, and Intuitions. 4. Finally, they'll use Approval Voting to select the best Ideas, and wrap up the game. The result is an Idea Leaderboard, Solutions ranked by nonpartisanship, that are both vastly popular and really, really smart. The Politics 4.0 Idea Games happen on smartphones, tablets or computers.

"The Ideologically Balanced Table™ consists of an equal number of people who usually believe in Less government spending or More government spending, and More laws or Less laws. If this team, can get a vast supermajority to agree on Solutions, with a majority of each side of the table, too—that's really exciting, and a new way to do public policy leadership," says Jon Denn, Founder of the Politics 4.0 Idea Games and the Virtual Committees software that powers the games. 

"Politics 1.0 is the use of physical violence. Politics 2.0 is the false assumption that everything is either/or, right/wrong, your way or the highway—life's more complicated than that. Politics 3.0 is the digital ECHO, Echo, echo chamber that's causing RIFTS in our society with the earthquakes of Rumor, Innuendo, Fake news, Trash talk, and Sabotage. Politics 4.0 is simply finding out what the four sides of the table can agree on—first, instead of never, ever getting there," continues Denn. 

What's the time commitment? Players and Wonks can expect to invest two hours a week for 13 weeks trying to solve a public policy puzzle of their own choosing. No one is gaming the choice creation, no one is gaming the outcome, and there's no rush to judgment. That's over 4000 hours of concerted Team effort, essentially two years worth compressed into one exciting game. Think of it as the tailgate party before the big election season. If this Team can solve one Puzzle, then lots of Teams can solve lots of puzzles, local, State, Federal—perhaps most of them.

To enter the Politics 4.0 Idea Games' Player Pool go to

About the Politics 4.0 Idea Games
The Politics 4.0 Idea Games mission is to raise the level of pubic policy discourse. The vision is to find solutions to public policy puzzles that are both vastly popular and well-studied. The values are to be neutral towards private and/or public sector solutions, and whether a law is passed or trashed. The culture is to think and act like a team. The software is Virtual Committees.

Jon Denn,
Founder, The Politics 4.0 Idea Games and the Virtual Committees software
(508) 470-1128
[email protected] 

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