Sep 10, 2020

Inspirave Rolls out SaveAway® and Announces Issuance of the

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NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The SaveAway® platform draws upon several of the pioneering inventions in Inspirave's first awarded U.S. Patent (No. 10,380,682) for the technology platform enabling micro-saving and social commerce, as well as the critical acclaim that Inspirave has consistently elicited — for its relentless advocacy of consumer financial wellness, much needed through the pandemic which finds financial health of many in critical condition.

With a patent portfolio published internationally, Inspirave being granted the first in that series reflects years developing new-to-market innovations which empower buyers and sellers — in fulfilling in-store and e-commerce purchases, without the risk of credit turning into debt.

The patent-issuance guarantees legal protection for Inspirave's intellectual property which has been cited in the literature by some of the world's leading institutions spanning across the Americas (Bank of America), Europe (Handelsblatt). and Asia/China (FUZAMEI Tech / Zhejiang  University), speaking to the global scope and scale of Inspirave's proprietary technology.

The inventions interweave the disciplines of fintech, algorithmic design, and retail e-commerce, with its social foundations drawing from proven behavioral principles and the sharing economy — The result? Financial decisions such as those in retail/e-commerce become equally responsible and affordable:

  • By unifying intelligent financial planning with the path-to-purchase, Inspirave has pioneered pathways to harness the support from social ties to make better financial and purchase decisions
  • By cultivating a trusted community, the SaveAway® platform also mobilizes social gifting, which can be optionally combined with several other forms of saving
  • By increasing the value of users' available funds, as well as reducing the target price-point, the SaveAway® platform opens-up multiple avenues for users to see their purchase-goals fulfilled

With over twelve thousand having lined up to experience the platform following the announcement of its limited early access, SaveAway® is unlocking a wholly new channel of under- and ill-served consumers for leading brands to realize socially impactful growth.

Just as Nobel Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus demonstrated higher effectiveness in group-lending repayments, Inspirave's inventions represent breakthroughs in how retail and financial services create a more perfect union by aligning the best interests of buyers with that of sellers. "There has never been a better time to see Inspirave's economically sustainable blueprint, propelled by greater purchasing power, striking such an inimitably strong chord with our growing community of SaveAway® users and partners who recognize that what inspires our new-to-market innovations enabling greater financial wellness and social mobility is our steadfast mission to further human potential and prosperity for all," noted Inspirave CEO Om Kundu.

Inspirave's partnerships cemented with industry leaders — across retail + payments + technology such as Microsoft and Stripe — are ensuring  Inspirave's offerings are comprehensively safe and secure: "Microsoft for Startups congratulates SaveAway® on this milestone," said Ted Roduner, Director, Microsoft for Startups. "We look forward to working with them as they bring their offering to market."

Miguel Sanchez and Philip Shearer, co-founders of MetaBronx, a leading diversity-focused  accelerator noted that "what made the SaveAway® platform stand out in the Top-6 companies chosen in 2020 derived from the breakthroughs in Inspirave's patented technology as much as its novel operating model, pointing to the massive impact SaveAway® is moving forward to uniquely deliver."

With the launch of the SaveAway® platform, those who socially share that they have signed-up for Early Access are eligible for some truly compelling bonuses these include jumping ahead in the waitlist by a 1,000 spots per referral, along with a $10 credit to both the referrer and referee, and entry into the sweepstakes for up to $1,000 of your SaveAway® purchase-goal to be paid for by the company.

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About SaveAway® with INSPIRAVE: Named Top Fintech Forward Company To Watch by AMERICAN BANKER and BAI, Inspirave's patented SaveAway® technology platform empowers saving more to afford important purchases, without debt: SaveAway™ with INSPIRAVE represents V-1.0 of an end-to-end ecosystem to fundamentally re-imagine retail e-commerce, unifying intelligent financial planning with the path-to-purchase.

Recognized in 2020 among Top Retail Tech Innovations at NRF Big Show, and cited by FORBES among leading Fintech solutions. Inspirave's product-suite is informed by its team's track-record, having elicited consistent acclaim from leading forums including Top-100 for Startup of The Year, Finovate, South by Southwest.

Leading brands partnering with Inspirave are equally distinguishing themselves for the SaveAway® platform's social impact, and realizing new revenue-streams from its pioneering technology unifying financial and social capital to ensure no purchase-goal is out of reach.

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