Dec 29, 2019

Internet celebs highlight Chinese cultural tastes

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BEIJING, Dec. 26...

BEIJING, Dec. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by on Li Ziqi, a Chinese vlogger that highlights culture:

Recently, a vlogger named Li Ziqi has gone viral in China and abroad.

In her vlogs, she is always dressed in traditional handmade Chinese gowns, picking flowers, planting vegetables, riding on a horse or fishing in the tranquil countryside; she can cook delicious dishes with raw materials gathered in the fields; she can dye cloth, make and embroider the clothes all by herself; she can even make a bread kiln, a swing and a bamboo chair.

Li's vlogs record an unadorned pastoral lifestyle. She cooks with seasonal flowers and wild vegetables. She makes blusher and paper with ancient techniques. She spends months, or even years, brewing wine, making delicate embroidery, and making traditional Chinese stationery. Even modern snacks, she makes them all by herself. The interesting contents, the beautiful scenes and the soothing background music combine to distinguish her vlogs from the fast-paced modern life. They're so attractive that, even without English subtitles, they gain Li a large number of overseas fans who keep waiting anxiously every day for updates. Some have even said: "If I die and go to heaven, this is what I want my heaven to look like." Li has more than 20 million followers on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site. She also has more than 7 million overseas subscribers on YouTube, which is on a par with the subscribers of CNN. Every month, she can earn more than US$400,000 just from YouTube ads.

Besides Li Ziqi, many other quality internet celebrities also provide different windows for the world to know more about China. Recently, a man known as Grandpa Amu stunned internet users worldwide with his ancient carpentry skills. His works include a Lu Ban stool that can be opened and folded freely, without falling apart, an apple-shaped Lu Ban lock composed of small wooden blocks, and a self-walking Peppa Pig. Outside the traditional area, Ms. Yeah, with a revenue of over US$7 million on YouTube, is a vlogger even more popular than Li Ziqi. For her, nothing seems impossible. She once used a garment steamer to make steamed stuffed buns and a water dispenser to cook hotpot. She likes to say, "There is not only KPI in office, but also poems and adventures." Her vlogs showcase the funny and energetic side of young Chinese people today.

The Chinese term "wanghong", when coined two years ago, literally means internet celebrity. Back then, the term was frequently associated with facelifts and make-ups. Today, quality blogs and vlogs with high cultural tastes and innovative ideas have redefined the term.

The internet celebrities rooted themselves in a taste of culture, that's why their works have gone viral.

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Internet celebs highlight Chinese cultural tastes

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