Mar 31, 2020

Jinitech Group joins blockchain frontier Gaiatech to launch

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MELBOUME, Australia, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- It is...

MELBOUME, Australia, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- It is the worst of times, it is the best of times. After the World Health Organization (WHO) upgraded the status of the COVID-19 outbreak from epidemic to pandemic, it is now becoming the worst of times for people in panic, yet it is the best of times for the community to be united and support each other.

Misleading and false information, shortage of material supply, insufficient medical and psychological support are the key issues faced by the community during the global crisis.

Jinitech Group, together with Gaiatech and its volunteer teams in Australia, is launching a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC) platform to provide real-time information sharing, global material sourcing support, professional medical and psychological assistance, and instant disaster relief services, etc.

The digital charity platform will utilize blockchain infrastructure developed by Deakin University Blockchain Innovation Lab (DBIL) helping individuals or organizations to verify false information, source material supply, report difficulties and obtain medical and psychological support.

Blockchain based KYC verification process will be utilized to ensure the authenticity of platform users. The platform is 100% not-for-profit, any interest accumulated from the platform will be used for public accounts and donate to those in need.

Peer-to-peer donation within the platform is processed through smart contracts to avoid repeat donation to the same individuals or organizations. Advanced blockchain technology makes the charity finance and systems to be more transparent, safe and efficient.

CEO & Co-founder of Jinitech Group Jinnie Yip said, "We believe ideas, innovation and disruption can bring us a better future. Our team is dedicated to research and explore opportunities in practical application of AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and Data technologies and contribute back to the community."

"There will be multiple rewards for participating volunteers. Community volunteer points will be released from the platform to reward volunteers, donors and those who contribute their time and resources. Outstanding volunteers will be selected by Deakin University Blockchain Innovation Lab for a placement opportunity or employed as a blockchain engineer within the lab" said CEO & Co-founder of Gaiatech Arina Tang.

Along with the collaboration, digital payment provider AirPay FinTech will contribute payment technology and provide marketing communications support to the platform via its vast network of Alipay merchants and WeChat followers.

Jinitech Group

Jinitech Group is a technology enterprise aimed to connect AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Data technologies into everyday life. Jinitech Group is currently incubating a decentralised community platform embedded with multiple blockchain elements aimed to serve University students in Australia. 

Gaia Technology

Gaiatech is the world's leading blockchain frontier product R&D company. As a solution provider Gaiatech focused on building blockchain entrepreneurial products, changing existing business model, industrial behavior model, user thinking model, helping social and economic development, and deeply layout the future business with forward-looking concepts, cutting-edge technology and a team of experts and scholars.

Deakin University Blockchain Innovation Lab (DBIL)

Initiated by Deakin University and Gaia Technology, DBIL is a state-of-the-art research and development facility based in Melbourne, with highly experienced teams of Professors at Deakin University aim to provide the most innovative blockchain market solutions to make our world more secure and transparent.

AirPay Financial Technologies

AirPay FinTech provides payment and marketing support for merchants to accept and promote WeChat Pay, Alipay & UnionPay QR payments. The company is invested by SwiftPass Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of a China listed company. AirPay is a member of Stone & Chalk and FinTech Australia.

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