May 4, 2020

KareXpert Telemedicine Empowered Sancheti Hospital Amid Lock

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GURUGRAM, India, May 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- KareXpert Technologies, a Reliance Jio funded digital healthcare platform provider enabled Telemedicine services for Sancheti Hospital in just 24hrs. Hospitals can start their free Telemedicine services after completing a signup form and KareXpert executives will them help to start their services instantly.

Established in 1965, Sancheti hospital is known for Orthopedic & Rehabilitation with state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment to conduct all the specialties and super specialties services. Amid the complete lock-down, like most of the other hospitals, Sancheti hospital also had to suspend its OPD functions, which led to low patient footfall. This along with the need to stay connected with their patients in these difficult times prompted the decision of enabling the KareXpert Telemedicine Digital Platform at Sancheti Hospital.

The advanced KareXpert Telemedicine digital platform enabled around 31 doctors (many more in the queue to get onboarded) at Sancheti Hospital, Pune to perform audio/video consultations, send E-prescriptions, and access patient EMR/EHR records. The whole set-up of the solution took just 24 hours which also included Call Center integration, to assist patients to schedule appointments and Admin portal access for the hospital to keep track of all the consultation and revenue collected in real-time. 

The platform helped Sancheti Hospital to fully digitize patient (Registered or New) journeys right from the first call they make or online for scheduling an appointment to subsequent follow-ups. With already completing close to 200 telemedicine consultations in a matter of 10days, Sancheti is seeing a tremendous adoption rate of the platform among patients and doctors due to its ease of use.

"The Telemedicine digital platform by KareXpert has enabled us to provide quality healthcare services to patients in these difficult times. And with the kind of adoption rate that we are witnessing solidifies the fact that Telemedicine is here to stay for," said Parag Sancheti, owner of Sancheti Hospitals who has been providing free telemedicine consultation via the platform. 

Telemedicine solutions have seen an exponential demand during this time, a trend that most of the experts say would have a significant and long-lasting impact. In the future, Telemedicine is going to create a more efficient, organized healthcare continuum connecting hospitals and patients perhaps to a degree that we have never seen before. 

KareXpert has recently announced to provide free access to its Cloud-based and Mobile-based ready-to-use Telemedicine digital platform as a social give back to Indian healthcare professionals during the lockdown period as per T&C.

"We stand in full solidarity with Indian healthcare professionals in this fight against COVID-19 and believe that our initiative of providing FREE Telemedicine digital platform access to hospitals, and clinics will enable them in reducing the exposure risk to some extent till the threat subsidies," said Nidhi Jain, CEO-KareXpert Technologies.  

About KareXpert Telemedicine:

KareXpert has built a Digital Healthcare Platform using ground zero approaches with the latest software technologies. The platform is built using Cloud first, Mobile first, AI-first approach. KareXpert offers a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) model which brings much-needed cash flow relief with fully managed cloud and application service. The platform services include Advanced HIMS, EMR/EHR, Telehealth, Connected Ambulance, LIMS, RIS/PACS Integration, Pharmacy, Call Center CRM, Medical Equipment Management System (MEMS), Medical IoT, Advanced BI, Medical AI, and COVID19 Outbreak Management Platform. The key focus is enterprise customers which include corporate & large private hospitals, state, and central government healthcare, and international healthcare.

To sign-up, visit the KareXpert website today.

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