Aug 28, 2020

KC Wearable announces new distributors in Philippines

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MANILA, Philippines, Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The KC N901 Smart Helmet, developed by leading technology and innovation company KC Wearable, will be made available in the Philippines for the first time. KC Wearable has announced partnerships with two new distributors, My Solid Technologies & Devices Corporation and Medcare Supplies, meaning the wearable COVID-19 symptom detector will be widely available in the country.

The Philippines has one of the highest infection rates in South East Asia, with more than 200,000 cases confirmed so far. As new cases continue to emerge, interest the wearable thermal detection device has grown. The KC Smart Helmet allows users to screen multiple individuals for a key symptom of COVID-19 at once, helping to stop the spread of the virus.

The helmet can detect fevers, the most prevalent COVID-19 symptom, with 96% accuracy. Unlike traditional static thermal cameras, the wearable headset improves the efficiency and flexibility of COVID-19 screening, enabling the user to freely move around an area. The helmet can scan up to 200 people a minute, making it well suited to public settings like transport hubs, hospitals or parks.

Powered by sophisticated augmented reality technology, the helmet visor's thermo-scan sensors show the temperature of people in real time. The helmet is effective within a seven-metre radius, enabling the wearer to maintain social distancing at all time, and has the potential to link up to other data on COVID-19 tracking apps. The device stores all data itself with a 64GB internal memory.

Local distributor My Solid Technologies & Devices Corporation forms part of Solid Group Inc., a publicly listed holding company with operations in distribution, real estate, support services and investments. Working closely with KC Wearable, the company will assist in dispensing the pioneering smart helmet in continued efforts to reduce the spread of the virus across the Philippines.

Beyond the Philippines, the helmet is already in use in more than 35 countries, including Indonesia, the UAE, Italy, Netherlands, Kuwait, Chile, Turkey and multiple African countries. KC Wearable has partnered with national authorities and major transport hubs such as airports, as well as schools and hospitals, to detect COVID-19 symptoms in a range of settings.

Dr Jie Guo, Global Head of KC Wearable, said: "At KC Wearable, our mission has always been to do everything possible to reduce the spread of this life-threatening disease, as well as the devastating impact that it is having on societies across the globe. With a high fever being a common COVID-19 symptom, the KC N901 Smart Helmet is a quick, efficient and accurate way of identifying potential cases.

"We have already partnered with countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America and seen positive results. So we are pleased to now be working with our distributors in the Philippines to do what we can to bring some relief and reassurance to the country's citizens and hope that we can help some elements of normal life return."

Beda Mañalac, President of My Solid Technologies & Devices Corporation said: "The KC N901 Smart Helmet is an incredibly exciting innovation. As people in the Philippines have looked to adapt to COVID-19, reliable and effective technology has become increasingly important. The KC Smart Helmet provides our customers with a high-tech way of screening for symptoms of the virus, helping to keep people safe and society moving. The helmet's flexibility across a number of sectors including health and security services makes it a natural choice in the fight against COVID-19. By distributing the product, we hope to make an important contribution to our country's efforts to control the virus."

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