Jul 30, 2020

Kingsoft Cloud Enters Singapore Cloud Computing Market

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SINGAPORE, July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The unexpected pandemic has brought many uncertainties to the global economy. But there is still one thing for sure: backed by various technologies including 5G, AI and IoT, the world is witnessing accelerated global digitalization, with cloud being a key support. From telecommuting and online education to telemedicine, social network and entertainment, even to online graduation exhibition and online court, it seems that everything can be done "on the cloud". Kingsoft Cloud (NASDAQ: KC), as a leading cloud service provider in the world, has set up energy-saving data centers and operating branches in the United States, Russia, Singapore, etc. And the headquarters of Southeast Asia operations were set in Singapore.

Singapore, the fourth largest financial center in the world which sits in an important geographical position in Asia-Pacific, shows great potential demands for cloud services. The outbreak of COVID-19 this year has accelerated the digitalization of enterprises in Singapore to a large extent, prompting an earlier rise of cloud computing, a key role in the future market.

Kingsoft Cloud has inherited the "enterprise service DNA" from Kingsoft Group, the widely trusted leading software franchise in China, and has established superior enterprise service capabilities. Kingsoft Cloud stays at the forefront of cloud technology development, making extensive technical accumulation in big data, cloud computing, AI, IoT, and other areas. On that basis, Kingsoft Cloud offers cutting-edge technologies as well as convenient, efficient and customized services around the clock for Chinese enterprises going global, local enterprises in Singapore and other reginal enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently, Kingsoft Cloud has provided over 120 solutions for multiple industries including video, gaming, education, finance and real estate , which have been highly recognized by its clients and partners.

So as an early player in video cloud and AI, what makes Kingsoft Cloud stand out?

First of all, in terms of video cloud, Kingsoft Cloud has followed the strategy of "Edge-based, AI-empowered", aiming to offer immersive video cloud experience and tailored edge computing services. This year, Kingsoft Cloud launched its flagship 8K+VR livestreaming commercial solution and image quality evaluation platform -- Kingsoft Cloud Quality of Experience.

With a well-established distribution platform and advanced live-streaming technology, the 8K+VR integrated solution of Kingsoft Cloud offers multiple features including VR video collection, editing, encoding, packing, storage, distributing and broadcasting. By combining AV1+ smart high definition and other self-developed technologies, Kingsoft Cloud can effectively reduce the bit rate while remaining the quality of image, therefore cutting the bandwidth costs.

This June, Kingsoft Cloud released the Kingsoft Cloud Quality of Experience (KQoE) to help clients evaluate the quality of image and video solutions. This platform simulates actual viewing experience and provides comprehensive reports and data analyses with the support of experts, so as to help clients evaluate the quality of image better and faster. Now, the platform has been implemented and well-received by our clients. 

When it comes to edge computing, Kingsoft Cloud's KENC applies advanced container architecture, catering to cloud-native computing, to further optimize transmission efficiency and computing capacity of edge network. On top of that, edge computing and AIoT can be integrated to build the edge computing that is closer to users through smart habitation.

Furthermore, in terms of education cloud, during the pandemic, Kingsoft Cloud has launched an all-round online-learning solution. Built on RTC framework, the algorithm has been optimized to realize low latency. The solution addresses issues like fast expansion, high concurrency, student-teacher real-time interaction and teaching evaluation, making sure that online teaching activities go smoothly.

The concept of "smart campus" has gained much attention recently. Besides the smart educational administration system, security system and big data system, Kingsoft Cloud has launched the AI development platform KPL for colleges and universities. The data, algorithm, and computing power can be managed and allocated in a uniform manner to establish a sound development and software stack, enabling large-scale distributed training, automatic modeling, etc. This platform can satisfy resources demands of different levels, helping colleges and universities to improve the utilization of computing resources and AI development efficiency. Ultimately, smooth, stable, and reliable operations of the system can be realized.

At last, when it comes to AIoT, mainstream systems such as Smart Home and property management are usually separated. To deal with interconnectivity issues and isolated data island, Kingsoft Cloud's integrated smart community solution provides a unified software and hardware control interface, data interface and uniform user access, leveraging by Cloud+AI+IoT+BigData and other technologies. Based on "three terminals and one platform" (terminals of users, projects, and enterprises, and the platform of smart habitation services), Kingsoft Cloud's integrated smart community solution features interconnected indoor and outdoor scenarios and efficient property management abilities, which are the key value of a smart community.

Currently, Kingsoft Cloud runs business around the globe, and larger global partnership has been written in its long-term strategy. Entering the Singapore market, Kingsoft Cloud will join hands with its partners to support Singapore's Smart Nation Initiative, leveraging its cutting-edge technologies and rich experience in cloud services.

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