Apr 20, 2020

Launch Ceremony of "Yiwugo Live Streaming" & Debut of Yiwugo

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YIWU, China, April 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --

YIWU, China, April 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Yiwugo.com, the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, which is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world, held the "Launch Ceremony of Yiwugo Live Streaming & Debut of Yiwugo Top Landladies" at 2:00 pm, April 15, 2020. Ten landladies who had received the title of "Yiwugo Top Landladies" participated in the event and made their debut on the "Yiwugo Live Streaming" platform to recommend products for the audience.

The "2020 Yiwugo Top Landladies", including Ye Yili from Shifeng Socks Firm; Long Dongzhao from Bacai Toys Firm; Fu Jiangyan from Zhangweichao Socks Firm; Deng Tingting from Nantong Ennas Home Textile Co., Ltd.; Zhang Jiying from Zhejiang Xingbao Umbrella Co., LTD; Li Jun from Yiwu Zongxin Shoes Co., LTD; Fang Hongying from Hongying Magnet; Shi Guangxu from Brilliant Diamond Painting DIY; Zhu Jingwen from Yiwu Chunchao Hatting Factory; and Zhang Limin from Yiwu Weigang Hardware Firm, not only brought the most recommendable flagship products of their stores, but also launched attractive promotional schemes for this live streaming show. Besides, Yiwugo invited Song Yu, the top host in Yiwu to moderate this live streaming show, and Mr. Wang Jianjun, CEO of Yiwugo, also participated to cheer for the landladies. The products introduced by the landladies during the live streaming show preceded waves of purchase orders.

Different from other streaming platforms that depend on "Internet celebrity" to bring traffic and orders, the "Yiwugo Live Streaming" platform featured the business owners who have great insights into the product features, production process and market advantages to recommend the products in person. As the purchase requirements of wholesale buyers are highly rational and professional, they require more specialized product introductions. As business owners know best about their own products, they may present professional product introductions through live streaming and directly address the concerns of the buyers, thus significantly increasing the deal-closing ratio and meeting the particular conditions of the Yiwu market.

Besides, the "Yiwugo Live Streaming" platform, which is "grafted" onto the Yiwugo APP, also features a matching intelligent recommendation system. During the live streaming process, the system will automatically match and recommend live streaming businesses for interested buyers who have logged on Yiwugo according to their previous research and purchase data. Once the user followed a certain business, it will also receive live streaming recommendations from the business. As more functions are added to the "Yiwugo Live Streaming" platform in the future, Yiwugo will not only help buyers to easily locate their desired goods, but also contribute to closing more deals.

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