May 21, 2020

M800's maaiiConnect platform - The Smartest Way to Convert M

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HONG KONG, Jan. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- M800's revolutionary maaiiConnect platform puts companies on track to digitally transform the customer service experience through smart messaging solutions.

The next generation in customer support

Imagine combining the world's most popular communication tools in one platform. A complete digital convergence solution that engages customers on their favourite call and messaging channels and devices simultaneously. A seamless ebb and flow of interactions that is perfectly customised to give customers exactly what they need. Imagine empowering the contact centre agents with a 360 degree view of every customer and the ability to recognize each and every single visitor's diverse needs, unique purchase histories, and preferences. Imagine doing all this and more via a connection that is not only exceptionally reliable, but also well-tested, proven, and secure. maaiiConnect is M800's new powerful digital convergence platform – an unprecedented communication ecosystem that works harder to generate leads, deepen connections with existing customers, and create new pathways to grow sales.

Smart messaging

More mobile users than ever before are using chat messaging to interact with brands. According to a recent report by Juniper Research, global mobile messaging traffic will exceed 243 trillion annually by 2022. maaiiConnect was designed to help businesses capitalize on this by turning popular communication platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, and WeChat into powerful sales tools. A web chat link or QR code feature enables customers to make chat enquiries via their preferred platforms with just one click. Customer service agents can in turn respond and share videos, photos, or files in real-time on a single platform, maaiiConnect, from their preferred devices. The smart routing feature further adds an unrivalled level of personalisation with every interaction as each customer is systematically routed to the most geographically-relevent customer service agent to communicate in a specific language, time zone, and preference. Deploying chatbots further enhances real-time assistance via automated questions and FAQ tags, continuously calibrating interactions based on past experience.

Turning conversations into conversions

maaiiConnect lets businesses not only seamlessly chat with customers across multiple channels and devices on one platform, but also optimise content. Affordable/cost-effective and flexible, chat messaging opens the door for an intuitive and rewarding customer engagement opportunity. Now businesses can leverage these platforms to deliver more targeted, engaging content to markedly boost conversion rates. maaiiConnect integrates with companies' internal systems, including CRM or ERP, to augment each customer interaction by leveraging profile information and sales data to enable a more personalised service.

Omnichannel personalisation

maaiiConnect's OneDashboard interface comprehensively tracks, analyses, and reports communication logs in real time with a powerful suite of data enrichement tools, generating valuable insights that help to customize the marketing message and convert sales leads more effectively. Companies can now deliver an omnichannel brand promise to engage customers on their favourite messaging platforms and devices with the right information at the right time. Advanced analytics unlock tailored and relevant marketing solutions with which customers want to interact – a proven opportunity for companies to increase conversion rates as well as brand loyalty.

Reliable connections guaranteed

maaiiConnect is supported by M800's proprietary infrastructure, globally distributed network, and world-class security. The advanced solution empowers companies to deliver carrier-grade voice, video, and data communication services to their customers and internal stakeholders. Carrier-grade quality that is guaranteed by over 28 PoPs across Asia, Europe, and the United States, more than 160 global carrier partners worldwide, and a commitment to 99.95% service level agreement (SLA). M800's top-of-the-range security standards encrypts data in transit to render messages hack-proof. Data is securely stored and managed in M800's public cloud or private cloud as preferred by each client.

maaiiConnect's powerful technology mobilises unrivalled customer connections – deploying proven digital tools to transform the way companies communicate and boost their bottom line. maaiiConnect is the platform no business can afford to ignore in 2020.

Try it for free

Companies can register and trail maaiiConnect's SPONSOR PLAN free of charge. Take advantage of over 2,500 on-net call minutes per month, 15 staff seats, basic features, and 24/7 support. Upgrade to the BUSINESS PLAN through OneDashboard at any time to add unlimited on- and off-net calls, 16+ staff seats, and advanced business features.

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With over 35 years of experience, M800 is a pioneer in the global telecommunications, mobile, and IT convergence industries. The company was created by a group of telecommunications experts to revolutionise global communications. Supported by a proprietary infrastructure and network, M800 is committed to helping companies around the world tackle their toughest communication challenges. Learn more at

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