Aug 13, 2020

Mobile Programming LLC Launches COVID-19 Contact Tracing App

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NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy ("BLE") technology, Mobile Programming LLC has developed a COVID-19 Contact Tracing Application to help organizations get back to work safely, while addressing COVID-19 health and safety concerns. Because COVID-19 is transmitted through close proximity to affected individuals, Public Health officials have identified Contact Tracing as an indispensable tool to contain the spread.

"Mobile Programming's dedication to using digital solutions to fight the spread of COVID-19 is something that we take very seriously," said Craig Ford, Managing Director of Mobile Programming. Ford emphasized that "Our COVID-19 Contact Tracing App's features and functionality stand way above our competition; the goal is not to get rich off a world crisis—or obtain public notoriety—we've simply designed our App to save lives."

The App's key features include:

  • Employer's choice of automatic or manual contact tracing.
  • Social Distancing Alerts whenever an employee is within a 6 ft. radius of another employee.
  • Daily Symptom Tracking, Exposure Alerts, Daily Check-ins for employees.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) Capabilities Available.
  • A fully integrated dashboard that employers have access to, that provides:
    • Full reports to employers on the number of users;
    • Information on employees' health;
    • Allows the employer to send widespread and individualized notifications to employees regarding COVID-19 alerts;
    • A centralized data source to see: proximity violations, exposed cases, contact graph, employee details, and much more.

The App is integrated with information on nearby COVID-19 Testing Centers for tests, assistance, and can connect users with the CDC Helpline for anyone seeking immediate help.

When launching this application, Mobile Programming focused fully on user data, privacy and security. This application does not track users' location data, as it works on BLE technology.

The dashboard displays data such as proximity violations, exposed cases, contact graph, employee details, and more, which can be accessed by employers by signing up through the Contact Tracing Website.

Mobile Programming, the leader in app development, has expanded its diligent efforts to ensure that the fight against the spread of COVID-19 is being handled on all fronts, including digitally. For more information about Mobile Programming's COVID-19 Contact Tracing Application, please visit or get in touch for a demo.

About Contact Tracing Application:
COVID-19 Contact Tracing Application is powered by Mobile Programming LLC. Mobile Programming's expertise in IoT, Big Data & Predictive Analytics, Blockchain Development, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and App Development has helped in the building process of Contact Tracing Application.

Media Contact: Darius Gallegos
+1 (678) 967-9255
[email protected]

SOURCE Mobile Programming LLC

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