May 13, 2020

MyDoc advancing telehealth innovation with HK$500k grant

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HONG KONG, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The COVID-19 pandemic has drove a big wave of new users to MyDoc's telehealth platform across Asia. This has spurred the need to engage and personalise care with greater automation and drive health tech innovations across the region to the next level with the latest grant from Hong Kong accelerator Cyberport.

The Singapore headquartered digital health company has recently received an HK$500k grant from Cyberport, a digital community supported by the Hong Kong government to develop a tech ecosystem for driving digital adoption in the public and private sectors.

The Cyberport grant enforces MyDoc's position in the market and allows the company to be better connect with local businesses. With the grant, MyDoc is looking to develop its MyDoc Labs initiative in across the region, first starting in Hong Kong.

"There are tremendous opportunities for the development of digital health innovation and services in Hong Kong, especially in the Greater Bay Area. With Cyberport, we would be able to take a more proactive approach in developing the healthcare landscape in Hong Kong, and driving some of the innovations," said Jonathan Linstow, General Manager of MyDoc's Hong Kong operations.

MyDoc Labs is an innovation programme develop by MyDoc to take advantage of the latest technologies and drive practical innovations in healthcare through governments and large industry partnerships. The partnership with Cyberport enables MyDoc to take advantage of Cyberport's 5G infrastructure, which is a unique offering by Cyberport as compared to other accelerators.

"We see a future of health tech that is deeply integrated into daily life, especially in the field of wearables and IoT devices. Through the use of these technologies, doctors would be able to make informed decisions through remote monitoring in multiple chronic conditions and provide better care for the patients," said Dr.Vas Metupalle, Chief Information Officer and co-founder of MyDoc.

Under MyDoc Labs, the company is looking to develop advanced healthcare capabilities such as at-home monitoring, at-home rehabilitation, therapy using AR technology, as well as incorporating technologies such as visual AI, VR, biometrics, into their workflow for better chronic disease management.

Currently, the company is working with a regional telco partner in both Hong Kong and Thailand to scale-out MyDoc Labs across the region.

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About MyDoc

MyDoc is a digital healthcare platform that delivers the right care at the right time.

Combining the latest in healthcare technologies and a GP-led coordinated care clinical triage, MyDoc continuously steers patients onto personal care pathways that lead to better health outcomes at lower costs.

Through MyDoc, employees and their dependents stay connected with a team of licensed allied healthcare professionals. Patients covered by corporate and personal healthcare plans from six of the largest health insurers in the region enjoy a convenient cashless care journey.

Established in 2012, MyDoc's integrated online-to-offline ecosystem is used by employees of over 200 Fortune 500 companies and insurance policyholders across six markets in Asia. MyDoc is backed by a UST Global, a Temasek-backed global B2B technology provider.

With MyDoc, every patient receives the right care at the right time. Anytime, anywhere.

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