May 21, 2020

New Mexico Community College Launching 10-week Data Science

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Jan. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Data science is an emerging frontier where large amounts of complicated data are collected and then smartly analyzed to create actionable information. Most often, that actionable information is then used to improve an organization or tool that originally generated the data itself.

It's a rapidly emerging field, but according to Cliff Lewis, the instructor for the 10-week Data Science Bootcamp at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), every private business and public agency should be using data science to make better and more informed decisions within the next two years. According to a recent study, the need for data scientists is set to spike 28 percent in 2020 alone. 

"I would have to think hard to come up with an organization that would not benefit from data science," he says.

In the public sector, data science can be used to improve everything from traffic to crime rates. When it comes to crime, for example, cities can collect data on high-crime areas and then analyze that data to make staffing and patrol decisions for the local police so that the right personnel are in the right spots at the right times.

Data science is becoming increasingly important as a core business function. Streaming services such as Netflix use data science to help recommend your next show, and the emergence of artificial intelligence and self-driving cars are powered by data science. In the sports world, teams are using it to help with everything from offensive and defensive strategy to player selections.

Because data science is changing how companies do business and cities manage their most important problems, employers are willing to pay generous salaries, even for entry-level positions. Starting data scientist salaries range from $75,000-$125,000 in the Albuquerque area, and jump to an average of $140K nationally.

Going into the Data Science Bootcamp—which starts Feb. 24—students will need a basic understanding of coding (in at least one language), some experience with math fields like probability and statistics, and an understanding of whatever field they plan to enter after graduating (business, healthcare, energy, education, etc.). Students will learn the basics of data science, but they'll also learn other crucial skills like how to communicate about the data they're analyzing.

"A lot of data scientists are good at what they're doing when they're by themselves, but when they have to brief an executive, it's hard for the data scientists to explain their work," Lewis says. "We'll work on things like data visualization which will help students learn how to actively communicate their work to the people that make the decisions."

Learn more, including how to apply. The bootcamp is operated through CNM Ingenuity's popular Deep Dive Coding programs. CNM Ingenuity is an arm of CNM that pursues innovative and accelerated approaches to education and economic development.

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