Aug 5, 2020

Shaping the Next Normal with maaiiconnect

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HONG KONG, Aug. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The all-in-one customer engagement and team collaboration platform, maaiiconnect, is pleased to announce the availability of a free maaiiconnect Essentials Plan that empowers Hong Kong organisations to quickly and effortlessly transition to a digital office. Facing a third wave of local outbreaks, many companies have had to allow their staff to work from home (WFH). Digital connectivity has become a lifeline, offering a means for effective team collaboration, and engaging customers in digital touchpoints to ensure business continuity and profitability.

Most organisations in Hong Kong have suddenly shifted to remote working models, and the number of staff WFH is set to remain higher than pre-Covid-19 levels for the foreseeable future. Many organisations have had to accelerate their digital transformation by 6 years in the space of weeks, yet with people staying home and offices shut, consumer behaviour has changed drastically making the transition unpredictable and burdensome. To stay relevant and grow successfully, organisations need to ensure their digital channels and technology is on-par with, or better than, their competitors.

Organisations with a remote-first setup weathered the storm well, operating on infrastructure already in place and mobilising global expertise instantly during lockdowns that divided teams. Remote-first setups saw these organisations switch to a new way of doing business instantly, with staff able to collaborate effectively through the cloud from anywhere, and respond to the growing numbers of customer enquiries rapidly with great service – before, during, and after-sale.

Looking forward, a recent survey found that 75% of people using a new digital channel or tool for the first time indicated that they will continue to use it when things return to 'normal'. Investing in cost-effective solutions now that will still be used in the future helps transition organisations to a remote-first setup, and be well-suited for unpredictable changes in the future.

Based in Hong Kong, maaiiconnect understands the unique challenges and needs of local consumers and organisations during this period. The free maaiiconnect Essentials Plan is designed for organisations to effectively collaborate internally, and engage consumers in the same platform. Companies only need an internet connection and a supported browser to jumpstart the solution. As a result, organisations can benefit from:

  • Immediate access with 1-minute installation: maaiiconnect's intuitive dashboard is easy to use, even for those unfamiliar with collaboration software, saving time and resources for a simple roll-out and little training needed for staff.
  • Carrier-grade quality from the cloud: Connect colleagues anywhere, with any device, through the cloud. Share and receive multimedia messages, files, and have access to the same data and records without worry. Make video calls and conference calls worldwide, with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.95%.
  • Grow customer reach: Add a new channel of communication to help manage an increase in customer enquiries with the web widget. A live chat and web call option for customers to reach customer service agents can help coordinate enquiries in a smarter way - with features such as smart routing (routing enquiries to the best agents), customer-facing video calls and screen-sharing, and dynamic directory to put forward the most relevant information to visitors based on the pages they're viewing.
  • Manage omnichannel inquiries: Connect Facebook Messenger and telecom channels to the maaiiconnect plan and create a frictionless experience, with real-time customer data across a range of channels.
  • Access insights and reports: With multiple channels unified, organisations have access to reports and insights that provide a comprehensive overview of every channel and full customer experience. Rather than viewing individual reports for each channel in multiple formats and manually comparing data, organisations can make smarter strategic decisions for manpower, routing, timing and process improvements and continuously improve.
  • Peace of mind: maaiiconnect offers 24/7 support for any questions and technical queries. With a wholly owned global carrier-grade infrastructure and IP network, maaiiconnect is 100% secure and globally compliant.

Get maaiiconnect for free shape your next normal.

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maaiiconnect provides businesses with an all-in-one solution for customer engagement and internal collaboration. Leveraging an innovative multi-dimensional convergence model, maaiiconnect seamlessly unifies telecom and digital communication channels, such as PSTN, VoIP, websites, apps, and social networks. It is device agnostic, empowering employees to be more productive, as well as providing companies a platform to deliver a suite of multimedia experience to their customers anytime, anywhere, on any device. Learn more at

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