Jul 30, 2020

Smart Grid Network Planning 2020 Virtual Conference | Smart

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LONDON, July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Recent research carried out among European TSOs and DSOs by Smart Grid Forums indicates that Network Planners are at a critical juncture in terms of creating a sustainable, future-proofed smart grid. The electrification of heat and transport, as well as the uptake of microgeneration and renewable integration is leaving those in charge of designing the future grid with an increasing number of complex variables to model. With uncertain future scenarios smart utilities must rely more and more on the actionable insights provided by advanced data analytics, the digitisation of asset information and network simulation software.

"Through this research it has become clear that utilities are looking to capitalise on advanced forecasting tools and network simulation software to better inform network models, plan for multiple DER integration scenarios and ensure the grid is effectively reinforced," noted Morven MacEwen, Conference Producer of Smart Grid Network Planning 2020 at Smart Grid Forums. "What's more, utilities are looking to consolidate their existing data reserves, and combine internal data with external databases, to effectively prioritise investment. This data-driven strategy will enable network planners to solve the capacity problems posed by the electrification of heat and transport, intermitted renewable generation and population increases by improving operational efficiency without the need for expensive infrastructure reinforcement. Ultimately, network planners are looking to leverage data to cost-effectively expand and upgrade the grid to protect the best interest of customers and health of our environment."

Driving digital network planning to better inform investment decisions and support a low-carbon future is the cornerstone of the programme for Smart Grid Network Planning 2020. This event provides the opportunity for utilities to learn from the implementation strategies of their peers, to benchmark best practice and study lessons learnt to avoid expensive investment mistakes.

Over three intensive days participants will hear insights from 16+ practical case studies from leading utilities on driving innovation in the network planning process, along with expert advice from specialist consultants and prominent researchers. A broad range of topics will be addressed from the opportunities presented by state-of-the-art network visualisation tools, distribution grid modernisation and procuring flexibility, to local solutions and mixing energy vectors. Discussions and presentation will centre on creating a future-proofed, sustainable system. Alongside the case-study programme there will be a utility-led panel discussion on innovation in network planning processes, as well as a technology innovation panel addressing topics ranging from modelling tools to power electronics. Participants will get to grips with innovative strategies for cost-effectively reinforcing the grid, leveraging advanced analytics to improving system operability, creating their digitalisation roadmap and, ultimately, designing an optimal grid.

Discussion topics include:

Enabling net-zero – Developing robust network planning strategies to successfully integrate renewable generation, enable decarbonisation of supply and cost-effectively plan for the electrification of transport

Digitalisation of planning Creating the optimal digitalisation pathway to capitalise on crucial dataflows and developing an effective company-wide data strategy for effective analysis

Flexibility Integrating active network management solutions into your network development plan and establishing protocols for equitable procurement of flexibility to improve system operability

State-of-the-art tools – Developing state of the network modelling, simulation and visualisation tools for presenting grid information in a format the is easy to analyse

Integrating new technologies Successfully ingratiating new power electronics and smart technologies into your specific grid environment by ensuring robust procurement methodologies

Mixing energy vectors – Centralising investment and maintenance across gas, telecoms and electricity networks to decarbonise the whole system and leverage local solutions 

Speakers include:

Julian Leslie, Head of Networks – National Grid ESO

Anthony Walsh, Manager: Future Networks Development – ESB

Joris Soens, Head of Asset Management – Fluvius

Luis Manuel Alves, Director – EDP

Masud Rana, Senior Engineer Telecom & Infrastructure Planning – BC Hydro

Mikel Urizarbarrena Cristobal, Senior Engineer in Network Planning and Regulation – i-DE (Iberdrola)

Hubert Dupin, Head of the Department of Flexibility – Enedis

Daniel Garvey, Head of Network Planning & Development – CitiPower and Powercor

Patrick van de Rijt, Head of Market Analysis, within Energy System Planning – Tennet

Luke Hughes, Network Planning Manager – UK Power Networks

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Our approach is entirely market led. We stay exceptionally close to industry developments. Through our regular, rigorous and unbiased process of depth research with TSOs, DSOs, power generators, engineering consultancies, and technology innovators, we stay one step ahead of industry developments and provide live event platforms that act as a catalyst for new ideas, new directions, and new approaches to achieving future energy security.

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