Sep 15, 2020

Solving the Sports Industry's REAL challenges

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LONDON, Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In times of uncertainty and unknown challenges in the sports universe, a new voice starts to emerge. An elite forum of top sports brands and teams have chosen a different innovation leadership stand. 

With over 1,000 applicants coming from 67 different countries, after spending five full months mentoring and supporting the strongest candidates behind the scenes, this venture achieved outstanding results with the great leadership of Ryan McCumber, founder of, who led the Clubs & Federations vertical in this program. 

During the demo day that ended the program, the clubs and brands shared over 17 agreed pilots, 24 pilots in the process and 2 signed deals in only 3 months of operation. The startups were provided with the opportunity of pitching their idea and explaining the functioning of their company in front of 900 attendees. The process of HYPE's Global Virtual Accelerator and its steps were clearly outlined while the collaborations between startups and multinational companies were presented.

HYPE Founder & President, Amir Raveh said: "This venture proved that even during challenging times, it's possible for all the sports ecosystem to unite and work together in order to find solutions for real challenges, and take the whole sports tech universe a major step forward, in an unusual reality". 

The Winning Startups and Solutions that you cannot afford to miss

Here are the winning startups chosen by the global brands and partners: 

Five startups have made a collaboration with FIBA. Bleachr, who provides the most comprehensive white-label sports app platform on the market. Another chosen company that has not yet been introduced is ROBO Point Guard, a mobile shooting machine. Hear Me Cheer, OnePlan, HER Technology, are three other startups FIBA has decided to cooperate with. 

Flashplays Live, a real-time prediction game, has the opportunity of a lifetime as it has been handed the chance to work with the Miami Dolphins. This multinational organization has also selected Crowd Compl-AI SportsMe, who turn real-life sports conversations into engaging and gamified content. Handi, FanFest by VICITV, and Bleachr LLC will also conduct pilots for the company, while Flashplays has secured a commercial agreement, an incredible achievement for the young start-up.

PSG, this year's UEFA Champions League finalists, have chosen to work with FootAR, an Augmented Reality second screen app that enables sports fans to enhance live data. Another company that has received the opportunity to work with these football giants is Bbox Sports, a fan engagement tool for sports teams. Other startups of the HYPE family that will collaborate with this team are: HER Technology, Handi, Hear Me Cheer, FanFest by VICITV, and Pronto CX.

Tennis Australia has selected seven different companies to do a pilot for them. These include Handi, creator of the industry's smartest hand sanitizer. Hear Me Cheer, an audio platform designed to allow fans to become the crowd from wherever they are. Bleachr, a Mobile Sports App who has also won the "Most Likely To Scale" award. Pronto CX, designed to optimize venue performance. OnePlan, a venue and event site planning platform. FanFest by VICITV, a "Twitch-in-a-box" platform with built-in merchandising and sponsorship for ticketed live events delivered virtually and finally, Fanwide, the world's largest club network. 

ASER Ventures has also been actively recruiting as they have chosen Emaze, a digital content creation platform, Pump Jack Dataworks, who help teams redefine their digital strategy, HER Technology, providers of betting technologies and revenues through affiliate deals, BenchVote, a digital campaign creator platform, Handi, Hear Me Cheer and finally FanFest by VICITV, making it a total of seven selected startups for a collaboration.

It seems like the RBFA (Royal Belgium FA) has also used this period of inactivity to increase their proactivity. Big steps have been undertaken by the federation as they have chosen 7 different enterprises to innovate with. On September 9th, they tested their collaboration with Fanwide, the world's largest fan club network, during their 5-2 victory against Iceland. Other companies they are going to work with are: Handi, Hear Me Cheer, OnePlan, Pump Jack Dataworks, HER Technology, and FootAR.

The American soccer team LAFC has also chosen three ambitious startups to cooperate with. Bbox Sports, Handi and Oneplan will all have the opportunity to prove themselves to the MLS soccer team. FanFest by VICI TV, BBox Sports, Pronto CX, Handi. Hear Me Cheer. FanWide and Crowd Compl-AI SportsMe are going to work with the New York Islanders and are all going to work extremely hard to make this partnership a secured and full-time one. River Plate, the legendary Argentinian football team, has selected FanFest by VICI TV, BboxSports, Emaze, Full Venue and Crowd Compl-AI SportsMe. Toronto Blue Jays from the MLB, have also been ambitious in their innovation plans by selecting five different startups to collaborate with. These include Bleachr LLC, Handi, OnePlan, Emaze and Bbox Sports.

FC Köln, a Bundesliga football team, has also chosen the innovation path as they will join forces with FanFest by VICI TV, OnePlan, Bleachr LLC, PumpJack DataWorks and Full Venue. Finally, the 2018 NBA finalists Golden State Warriors have offered two companies: Handi and HearMeCheer a pilot. 

Clubs and Federations' Demo Day was undoubtedly one of the most successful ones ever. Various institutions from all around the world joined together to form a community that helps startups pursue their dreams while these companies finally found what they were looking for, in order to innovate. 

The Clubs and Federations Demo Day is only one of six GVA verticals and so HYPE has a number of winning startups

Additional Winners by Vertical:

HYPE SPIN® Accelerator Taiwan, powered by IAPS and the Taiwanese Sports Administration.
HYPE Award: MbranFiltra (Taiwan) & Wave Wear (South Korea)
IAPS Award: Uniigym (Taiwan) & BiiB (Malaysia)
Sports Administration Award: Uniigym (Taiwan) & MbranFiltra  (Taiwan
Decathlon Taiwan Choice: MbranFiltra , BiiB & Spogo 

The Sports Tech Vertical:
Most Promising Startup award: Gryppers
Best Startup Pitch Award: Sport.Vision

Sustainability and Customization Vertical powered by Loughborough University London:
Most Promising Startup award: Gazella
Best Startup Pitch Award: SKIZO by iRecycle

Esports & Media Vertical Powered by Gaming Malta:
Most Promising Startup award: UpStartSelect
Best Startup Pitch Award: GGPredict

China Sports Tech Powered by Aquabloom Sports Technology Group:
Most Promising Startup award: Levier Exo S.L.
Most Promising Startup award:Vilike
Best Startup Pitch Award: ActiveAR

HYPE just announced a new cycle of the Global Virtual Accelerator, which has officially opened and sports tech startups founders can Pre-register here

About HYPE:

HYPE is the leading global platform for Sports Innovation, with 40k+ members including Startups, Sports Leaders, Clubs, Brands, Investors, and Mentors. HYPE is a proven gateway for converting SportsTech into Business Success. 

Among our network, you can find brands and institutions such as FIBA, River Plate, Miami Dolphins, Sina Sports, Amazon, 1. FC Köln, Loughborough University, and additional strong global partners.  HYPE also created an unmatched success portfolio including 200+ startups that graduated from the HYPE Accelerator, raising more than $180M, and 40% of them have also raised a 2nd round of funding.


For more information, contact: Ms. Roni Goldberger – VP Partnerships, HYPE Sports Innovation.  

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