Mar 14, 2020

Technological Solution to Immediately and Effectively Screen

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NEW YORK, March 13...

NEW YORK, March 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Every day, new cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are being diagnosed across the globe. This has caused a strain on the health system as the highly contagious nature of the virus is putting health care providers at risk.  As leaders try to find solutions to protect health workers and the general public while providing medical care to potentially affected citizens, they have been hindered by the limitations of existing systems to handle this rapidly evolving situation.

Existing technologies that have been developed to modernize emergency 911 response, can answer these needs and be deployed to triage as well as manage the needs of cities and municipalities as they structure their response to COVID-19.

The solution integrates the flow of multiple streams of information (live video, instant chat, dynamic location, and more) to emergency call centers (ECC) and hospital call centers into one simple interface.

The technology exists today and was developed and innovated by Carbyne, the global innovation leader in public safety technology.   One of its greatest assets is its ability to adapt to various needs.  Currently,  Carbyne can be modified to assist in managing COVID-19. For example, a special phone number could be provided to the public for COVID-19 medical assistance.  The calls could be forwarded to a centralized location (emergency center, independently opened call center, hospital, etc) staffed with professionals who would be able to remotely monitor and screen patients via Carbyne's video platform which can also provide chat functionality to members with hearing issues. 

Carbyne's platform also utilizes cloud technology so deployment does not require arduous on-site setup.  Existing computers can load the technology remotely and be ready in a matter of hours with zero interruptions to existing emergency communication channels.

Carbyne stands ready to help solve this rapidly developing problem.  It was created to save lives - not only the public that needs help, but also the men and women in the front lines of helping people - doctors, nurses, firemen, police officers, paramedics, etc.  That mission is especially critical with COVID-19.

Carbyne's platform enables healthcare professionals to remotely video screen and correspond with patients and concerned citizens and instant chats can be an effective tool in communicating with sick patients who are unable to speak or to overcome the sound barriers during phone conversations. As such, healthcare centers are able to reduce movement of people, resulting in reduction of human interactions which minimizes the spread of the virus.

We have reached a critical stage in containing COVID-19. Carbyne can be instrumental in that success.


Carbyne was founded in 2015  to save lives by minimizing response time and maximizing the efficiency of call-takers and first responders.  It is headquartered in New York  and has sales and support centers around the world.  Carbyne's platform currently covers over 200 million people globally, available in over seven countries and manages over 4.5 million communications sessions a month.

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