May 19, 2020

Top 10 biggest data centres in the world

Harry Menear
5 min
China Telecom Data Centre, China

Also located in the Inner Mongolia Information Park, the title of largest data centre in the world is held by the China Telecom Data Centre, which spans a grand total of 10.7 mn sq. ft and contains “contains a cloud computing data center, call centers, warehouse, offices, and living quarters for staff”, according to the World Data Centre.

Also the most expensive data centre in the world, the facility is reported to have cost over $3bn to complete. Several factors make Hohot an attractive location for the world’s largest data centres: an average annual rainfall of over 12 in results vast reserves of hydroelectric power and, according to Data Centre Dynamics, “Hohhot's climate makes for another practical reason it has become a data center hub. At an average altitude of 1050 meters, the average temperature is 6°C (42.8°F) makes for "free air cooling for up to eight months a year”. 

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