Jan 14, 2021

Top 10 Smart Cities

Top 10
Smart Cities
William Smith
5 min
Technology magazine analyses the latest rankings to produce a blended list of the smartest cities in the world

One thing is glaringly obvious when you look at the smart city rankings produced by the IESE Cities In Motion Index (July 2020) and Smart Cities Index Report (September 2020) – there is a significant difference of opinion. They were conducted just a couple of months apart but, with different criteria, it’s hard to see how both can claim to deliver a definitive take on what makes one city smarter than another.

We have taken the rankings for each city that appeared in both of their Top 10s to provide a balanced view. But spare a thought for three cities that made up IESE’s top five. Paris ranked third in the world with IESE Cities In Motion Index but a lowly 61 with the Smart Cities Index Report. Tokyo fared even worse, ranking fourth and 79. Then there’s poor Reykjavik, who came a solid fifth with IESE only to not even make the list of 109 cities measured by the Smart Cities Index Report. 

Pinch of salt at the ready, here are the findings of the Technology Top 10 Smart Cities.

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