May 19, 2020

Top 10 smart cities in the UK

Tom Wadlow
7 min

Smart cities are becoming commonplace, with the Internet of Things (IoT) powering the way humans and devices interact with one another.

Being ‘smart’ can not only deliver enormous benefits in terms of better delivery of services, but also environmentally, with connected devices and effective use of data enabling better planning and use of resources.

Navigant Research has carried out a detailed study of what it deems the 10 leading smart cities in the UK, its methodology explained below:

“The 10 cities were selected on the breadth and depth of their smart or future city strategy and specific programmes in areas such as digital innovation, social care, urban mobility, energy, education, and sustainability. The assessment also looks at the extent of their partnerships and collaboration with other agencies and the private sector. A detailed comparison was made of the top 10 cities to identify the current leaders and their closest challengers.”

Scores are out of 100, based on strategy and delivery. Here are the top 10 cities, according to the report.

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