Jun 2, 2020

Top 10 tech consultancies

Top 10
William Girling
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Top 10 tech consultancies

Tech consultancies - driving digital transformation

With ‘digital transformation’ taking a primary role in the ongoing strategy of most businesses, there will be some for whom the journey towards technological modernisation is fraught with questions and unknown factors. Helping to define the new digital landscape, tech consultancies can offer far-reaching industry knowledge and insights that will intrigue even the more knowledgeable enterprises. Offering a trifecta of potential benefits: process optimisation, cost reduction and opportunity maximisation, these influential organisations could make the difference between failure and success in the contemporary tech arena.

About Technology Magazine’s Top 10 picks…

Although our list is not featured in any particular order, all of the consultancies listed had to meet several criteria in order to be included: company prestige within the tech community, a global presence and high-quality research were all factors taken into consideration.

Despite the technology industry often being a component of each company’s repertoire of available insights, these consultancies offer a level of research which is superior to others in the market, tackles contemporary subjects engagingly and strives to go beyond the data by exploring practical applications. Presented by respected academics, industry experts and cutting-edge research staff, these consultancies have a proven track record of helping their clients thrive and should certainly be considered for any business in need of best-in-class advice on the subject of technology, its uses and potential future utilisations.

Executive takes on contemporary topics

Digital ecosystems:

Defined as an interdependent environment of enterprises and people sharing digital platforms for mutually beneficial purposes, digital ecosystems have the potential to deliver oversized investment returns if established correctly.

“As digitisation and the Internet of Things (IoT) make homes, phones, and cars increasingly ‘smart’, corporate partners are beginning to work together in order to create interconnected offerings that are proving more valuable than a single company’s isolated product or service. These digital ecosystems are often orchestrated by market share leaders and are quickly reshaping a wide array of industries, such as consumer products, health care, and automotive.”

From BCG; Nikolaus Lang, MD & senior partner; Konrad von Szczepanski, MD & partner; Nanne Louw, principal; et al.

Data and analytics:

A straightforward way to unlock value within companies compiling large amounts of data is leveraging its potential insights with analytics software. Capable of identifying trends and improving forecasting, integrating IoT data within a cloud platform and applying analytics can result in significant optimisation and is becoming an increasingly popular combination.

“Leading companies are using their capabilities not only to improve their core operations but also to launch entirely new business models.

The leading firms have remarkably deep analytical talent taking on various problems—and they are actively looking for ways to enter other industries. These companies can take advantage of their scale and data insights to add new business lines, and those expansions are increasingly blurring traditional sector boundaries.”

From McKinsey; Jacques Bughin and James Manyika, directors of the McKinsey Global Institute; et al.


Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting tech trends currently gaining momentum. With the potential to make highly complex tasks automated, AI could herald the beginning of workers being liberated to focus on qualitative tasks instead of repetitive ones.

“How do we learn to trust AI? Responsible AI builds trust and lays the foundation for successful scaling by taking a "human-first" approach—using technology to help people make better decisions, while keeping them firmly accountable through the right governance processes and technical steps. Our AI:Built to Scale research says responsibility is more than a ‘nice to have’—with AI Strategic Scalers significantly more likely to brief their employees clearly on how they tackle responsible AI (and the UK markedly above the global average in this respect).”

From Accenture; Dr. Athina Kanioura, chief analytics officer; and Fernando Lucini, MD - artificial intelligence lead.

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