Jun 11, 2021

The top 10 tech consulting firms to watch in 2021

6 min
Technology consultancy is thriving as companies adopt new models of working. Here are 10 firms leading digital transformation from behind the scenes

As the name suggests, technology consulting firms work with clients to help them transform the ways we use it. They have been traditionally geared towards improving business processes, reducing costs and maximising the use of technological opportunities, but in today’s world, this means much more activity. As technology rapidly evolves and becomes ever-more connected, consultancies are looking more at digital strategy and tech for change – and consultancies’ work is becoming increasingly important to ensure the future global growth of organisations.

The industries and fields they cover can be everything from enterprise clients, telcos, automotive and automation, digital twins, to life sciences and tech start-ups. They frequently also now lend their names and expertise to impactful societal projects and charitable causes.


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