Mar 5, 2021

Top four considerations for ERP optimisation

Mark Vivian
5 min
How can organisations avoid common pitfalls and maximise ROI on their ERP systems?
Plan the road ahead...

 Before embarking on a digital transformation project of any kind it’s important that organisations fully understand the scope of what’s involved and the costs of undertaking the work. 

A typical approach is to look at business process improvement to meet the current needs of the business, rather than perhaps those at the time of original implementation of your ERP solution. This can be done by outlining each process across functional areas to eliminate any redundancies, improve the user experience, and ultimately generate ROI. 

Outlining each process gives organisations a clearer idea of the specific areas they need to improve and will allow them to define clear KPIs for the project. Specific KPIs will help establish an overarching strategy, and ensure executive staff are aligned with IT staff in terms of their expectations. 

You could implement these new processes in your existing ERP by upgrading and optimising, or you could choose a brand-new ERP system and look to adopt “best practice” afresh.

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