Mar 5, 2021

Top four considerations for ERP optimisation

Mark Vivian
5 min
How can organisations avoid common pitfalls and maximise ROI on their ERP systems?
Stay on top of upgrades...

Vendors like Oracle and SAP only guarantee full support for each release of their ERP software for a certain amount of time. Typically, this support covers security and legislative patches, product updates and enhancements, as well as access to technical assistance and support resources.

In the instance of Oracle, businesses have been given the deadline of December 2021 to upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 before Premier Support for the prior version is dropped. Claremont’s Managed Services Study reveals that 64% of businesses are currently running on an earlier version to R12.2. This figure rises to a shocking 90% for public sector organisations. In April 2020 alone, Oracle made a total of 405 security patches, and in July 2020 they made 29 security patches to EBS alone. Failure to upgrade these systems can therefore leave businesses and their customer data vulnerable to security threats.

Businesses running on the most up to date systems will also be able to take advantage of new features for improved functionality. The latest release of Oracle E-Business Suite, for example, delivers 30 new Enterprise Command Centres for real-time reporting across different modules and online patching which allows patching to take place with minimal downtime. Additionally, there are a whole host of new features in each application to consider.

When it comes to EBS upgrades though, there is a very small number of MSPs that possess the specific skillset required to make the upgrade. As the deadline of December 2021 gets ever-closer, resource scarcity is something organisations should consider as a matter of priority. Being stuck paying vendor license fees without security and legislative patch support is a counterproductive position for businesses to be in, especially as many look to recover from the effects of the pandemic. 

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