Barnardo’s data and insight journey supports children, young

Remi Martins-Tonks, Head of Data and Insight at Barnardo’s, covers the UK charity’s data and insight strategy driving community and workforce development

Understanding what goes on behind the scenes of an organisation allows you to appreciate the work that it achieves and the operational scale that it has to work to. This is the striking realisation to be had when looking into the journey of the UK’s largest children’s charity, Barnardo’s, founded in 1867 by Thomas Barnardo. 

He set out to provide homes and a basic education for disadvantaged children - this is a pivotal thread throughout  the charity’s history that echoes through its work in the modern day.

The charity’s value of leadership has spanned the generations- one case is particularly visible among the data and insight team: in 2017, Remi Martins-Tonks brought his economics expertise into the charity’s fold in his search for a role that would fulfil his own values in alignment with those of his employer, job, and the team in which he works.

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