Clark County: Effective Public Services through Technology

Bob Leek is CIO for local government Clark County, Nevada & his private sector background has given him a vision to transform the public services landscape

Clark County, Nevada, is principally known for the flashing lights and fast-living of the city of Las Vegas, and simultaneously as the intended sports, entertainment, gaming and conference destination of the universe.

The ‘brand’ of Clark County is chiefly carried by the Las Vegas Strip – “but we are so much more than that,” says Bob Leek, the county’s Chief Information Officer. “My role encompasses responsibility for delivering all information technology services to the county, so that we can effectively deliver them to the public that falls under our jurisdiction.”

As a consequence of Information Technology, however, the traditional boundaries that delineate this jurisdiction are expanding.

Geographically, Clark County has 2.2 million residents and about 46 million people that visit the county every year. It is also home to the eighth busiest airport in the world, the state's largest public hospital – and is the 11th largest county in the United States in terms of population. Its peer counties are those with cities like Houston, Chicago, San Francisco and New York.

Technology is now at the heart of the provision of public services in Clark County, Nevada. 

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