Concurrency’s company cloud strategies to help reduce waste

Around 30-40% of a company’s cloud spending could be considered a waste, but proper governance can help reduce this, says Concurrency’s Nathan Lasnoski

As the adoption of cloud technology continues to grow, many businesses are facing a common challenge: how to effectively use the cloud to drive new revenue streams and reduce waste. According to Nathan Lasnoski, Chief Technology Officer of IT consulting company Concurrency, the answer is proper governance.

“If you think about the mission of every business, each is unique to the company, but technology is being infused in that mission,” says Lasnoski. “And as it expresses that mission with technology, it's more and more often running on a cloud platform.”

Concurrency offers project-based consulting, organisational change management, customer service management, sales solutions, and IT management services. With a long history of success and numerous awards, Concurrency is a respected name in the industry.

"Cloud platforms need to be governed and secure because it's the foundation of the work that the business is using the cloud for," says Lasnoski. He likens it to driving a car on a well-paved road with guardrails compared to a gravel road in snowy conditions. 

Unfortunately, the waste of cloud resources is a common issue. An estimated 30-40% of cloud spending is considered waste, often due to a need for understanding vendor discounts and spend optimisation opportunities. Cloud governance can address this issue by promoting the responsible use of cloud platforms and improving cost efficiency, security, controls, and visibility. 

With effective cloud governance, businesses can turn their cloud usage into an asset, delivering capabilities and value with a direct return on investment. Working with a company like Concurrency means that businesses can ensure their cloud usage is a driving force for success, delivering capabilities and value with a direct return on investment. With the right approach, businesses can turn the challenges of cloud adoption into opportunities for growth and success.

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