DISH: Taking over the US’ Wireless Market with Open-RAN Tech

DISH Network has its eyes on taking over the Wireless Market in the USA with Open Radio Access Network Technology. Can its competitors keep up?

DISH Network (Digital Sky Highway Network) is one of the major players in the Wireless market, and recognising the changes that are taking place, they are insightfully moving in, positioning themselves to ride the waves of the coming radio-frequency tech revolution. 

According to Statista, In 2021, the number of mobile devices operating worldwide stood at close to 15 billion. With the global population at almost 8 billion, that’s almost two mobile phones for every single person on the planet. It’s therefore no hyperbole to say that in telecommunications terms, we are truly interconnected, and that’s just through mobile phones alone.

Most of us use all our telecoms tech; mobile phones; satellite TV; the Internet and our audio-radio services without even so much as a thought as to how this tech operates and correspondingly, we are mostly unaware of the great technological shifts that are taking place in the background. All we hear are catchphrases and buzzwords, oblivious to the seismic shifts that are occurring just beneath our feet. 

DISH Network is set to make a major impact from these shifts.

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